Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Plan Should Scott Brown (R) Win The Mass. Special Election

The ObamaCare machine has not only insured there has been zero transparency of late with respect to "The Plan", it has also been busy the past week plotting just how it might effectively shove "The Plan" through congress and quickly get the bill to the "One" for his signature should Scott Brown win the special election in Massachusetts.

This might be acceptable if the majority of the country approved of the current plan. However this is not the case. Therefore should Brown win, and indications are that he will, "The Plan" should go no further until he has taken his place at the table.

This election may very likely be close and we may not know the results until tomorrow. It is also likely that if the margin of win is razor thin there will be challenges that delay the seating process, no matter which way the results go.

Prudence and proper governance would requires that patience be exerted and the newly elected Senator be seated before the health care process continues.

Which brings me back to my original point, it seems this will not be the case.

And so there you have it. You will get "The Plan" that the "One" wants for everyone. Let no detail stand in the way. Question not the lack of ethics involved for what is most important is that the "One" saves his agenda and thereby his legacy.

Should the "One's" party proceed along the lines they seem to be planning for, the ramifications to his presidency and party may very well be that which they failed to consider.

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