Friday, January 29, 2010

Osama Bin Laden, His New Focus

Osama Bin Laden on a new front attacking the forces of progress. Climate change is apparently his new found focus in his attempt to bring down the U.S. and other industrialized western economies.

It remains without a doubt the goal of this evil and horrific example of a man is turn civilization back to 700 AD or before.

The shared failure of President Clinton and Bush to bring this sick individual down is one that befuddles, and is deeply disturbing.


  1. when i think of him, i think along the lines of war since he has declared war on us. thus i see this tape as a recruitment tape or one to gain allies in his war against us.

    if this is so then it is an implied acknowledgment on his part that he is losing this war. though i accept the fact that, in time, i might be proven wrong.

  2. Griper - Good points. I am hoping as we all are that you are NOT wrong.

  3. Les, I apologize that I am not addressing this topic, I am, however commending you on the gorgeous new site and the lightning fast load time. Awesome, I'm excited!

  4. Tim - Thanks, A bit more to do and Wes was all you said he is. Without his expertise I could not have accomplished so much so fast.

  5. I recommend Kill Bin Laden by the nome de guerred Dalton Fury. Fury stated upon the release of his book he'll donate his profits to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


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