Monday, January 11, 2010

A BBC News, ABC News, and Germany's ARD Survey reveal Afghani's as Optimistic

Some encouraging news from the Afghan front. A poll commissioned by the BBC, ABC News, and Germany's ARD shows that 70% of the 1500 people questioned believe Afghanistan is heading in the right direction. This a huge jump from the 40% that thought so just one year ago.

Especially good news for the U.S. is that 68% now support the presence of American forces in their country,. This is up from 63% a year ago. The level of support for NATO forces has risen to 62%, up 3% from a year ago.

71% of those surveyed in the recent poll said they believe the situation in Afghanistan will improve in the next 12 months, while only 5% felt it would get worse.

Of the 1,500 Afghans involved in the December 2009 survey 90% want their country to continue to be run by the present government. A mere 6% said they wanted a Taliban run government.

A majority, 69% believe the Taliban is the biggest danger to their country while 66% blame Al Qaeda and foreign militants for the violence in Afghanistan.

Perhaps the U.S. mission in Afghanistan is finally winning over the Afghan people. Let us hope for a quick and successful completion to our mission so we can extricate our troops from the region and bring them home.

To read the full survey results go here.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: BBC News


  1. I saw this too... Good post. They themselves will have to step up to make this thing work.

    I saw you over at Disaffected. Good comment

  2. Silverfiddle - I agree, at some point in the not very distant future they must take FULL responsibility.


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