Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Capitalism and Libertarian Conservatism are Better Than Socialism

Food for thought. As Winston Churchill so wisely said, and I paraphrase, If not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if not a conservative at forty you have no head." We have many in the leadership of the majority party in congress that fit the later part of Churchill's words to a tee.

The strugglr is worth waging.


  1. "Crime is crime is crime. It is not political." ~ Margaret Thatcher.

    Thatcher was an inhuman woman but I wish Obama had her steel and captured thousands from the Right wing imprisoned them on Terrorism charges and allowed them too starve themselves to death. (I don't but you posted the video with Maggie in it.)

    And that Churchill quote is soooo trite. There are no conservatives and no liberals in Washington only the Powerful who use the american people and the power of the Federal Government to enrich themselves, their families and corporate controllers...

  2. Thatcher was tough, as to her inhumanity can you site some specific examples of your allegation of her inhumanity?

    I agree that the power brokers in Washington (both Liberal and conservative), for the most part are corrupt and serve the purpose of enlarging government and limiting liberty.

    The only difference is the way in which either accomplishes essentially the same ends.

    Solution - Vote the entire crop out and replace them with individuals that love and respect liberty, individuality, limited government doing only the proper role of government. Oh hell just see my conservative manifesto.

    Thanks for the read Grung e Gene

  3. Inhumanity, Irish Prisoners and the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike. Are and were the Irish freedom fighters struggling for their rights against an Oppressive Government?

    Thatcher allowed the Irish prisoners of war to die because she wanted to show that the British Government was in Control of Ireland and would never give into the Irish.

    Just recall the Irish were captured in Ireland and were prisoners in IReland not for attacking the British "Homeland"... And I'm reading your Conservative Manifesto and can't see how Thatcher's Occupation and the earlier British Occupation in Ireland meshes with you enumerated principles, especially 1, 5, 7, and 9.

  4. They don't. And while I admire Thatcher for many things this is not one of them. It is an example of the Prime Minister and her party trying to hang on to what remained of the British Empire.

    Point Grung e Gene

  5. Rational I have to give you much credit. And not because you gave me point for this current debate. It's your decency, levelheadedness and the genuine sincerity which comes forth every time you post.

  6. Grung e Gene - Thank you much. I try, sometimes I admit to falling short but at least I try.


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