Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Vatican Weighs in on Global Warming

The Pope has signed on to the religion known as GLOBAL WARMING. 

The Vatican has come out with the position that the industrialized nations must accept their responsibility for the climate, abandon their consumerism, and indeed begin living more sober lifestyles.

Sound a bit like the tolling of the altruistic socialist bells?

During his message to the Roman Catholic Church's Annual World Day of Peace the Pope had the following to say: "It is important to acknowledge that among the causes of the present ecological crisis is the historical responsibility of the industrialized countries,"

While acknowledging developing countries "are not exempt from their own responsibilities with regards to creation" the Pope leveled the majority of his criticism was at rich nations. 

In closing the Pope said; "Sad to say, it is all too evident that large numbers of people in different countries and areas of our planet are experiencing increased hardship because of the negligence or refusal of many others to exercise responsible stewardship over the environment."

I suppose the Pope has no choice but to take the position he has taken given the nature of his calling. However, all religious references aside, what he is saying in reality is the same as the world wide socialists who scream global warming, clamor for climate control based on questionable science, and demand the wealthiest of industrialized countries sacrifice for the rest of the world.

The Vatican should be apolitical. The timing of the Popes statements can only be considered as timed to bolster the  political fortune of  High Enviro Priest Al Gorleoni and the climate change brigade.

To read the full text click here.

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  1. "The Vatican should be apolitical"

    you need to remember that the Pope is not only the leader of a religion, he is also a head of state. that would be like telling the Queen of England that she couldn't speak on political issues because she is the leader of th state religion there.

  2. btw, take a look at my last two posts on my blog and tell me your thoughts. i just posted them today and yesterday.

  3. The question in my mind is not whether or not climate change is real. I believe it's happening and how could we be pouring billions of tons of pollution into the air since the industrial age began without it having an effect.

    I just wonder if there really is anything we can do about it. The world stuck us with the cost of two occupations plus every other humanitarian thing. At least the lions share. How can we afford to be the only ones spending the money it takes to reduce emmissions while other nations don't. Plus they continue to exploit their populaces for cheap labor. It's hard enough to compete now.

    I ahve no answers RN. Sorry Brother.

  4. Griper - Yes, the head of a religious state.

    TRUTH - There is likely some impact on the environment, to the degree the Gorleonites claim is questionable. There are elements of the cosmos that cause warming and cooling of our environment. There is also credible argument made by members of the scientific ommunity that question the absolute validity of the claims made by this "religion", as it has almost become.

    I am not opposed to reducing emisions. It should be a goal of all nations. The U.S. has reduced emmissions and will continue to do so for no other reason than the EPS and it's regulatory powers. Whether one opposes or agrees with the need for this agency is mute. It is what it is.

    I agree wih you that we should not feel we are responsible for, or should we be held responsible for the rest of the developing world.

  5. i'd like to add one more factor into this discussion, technological advancement. this will be and is the biggest factor in the reduction of emmissions. and that is the one factor that isn't taken into consideration with these doomsday predictions and can't be taken into consideration. the predictions take into consideration present day technology without factoring in future advancement of technology that will make it more economically feasable as well as environmentally applicable.

  6. Griper - Good point. Thank you for pointing this valid truth.


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