Thursday, December 24, 2009

This is John Galt Speaking Parts #3 & #4

During these times of Governmental usurpation of the rights an liberties of our people the words of John Galt need to be heard over and over again with an understanding deeper than ever before.

With the House and Senate poised to now go into conference sessions next year to reconcile the unconstitutional house and senate version of the "dung heap healthcare legislation" of 2010, let us hope there will be many Constitutional challenges that stop these abominable piles of stinking crap from becoming enforceable.

And now John Galt.


  1. i don't really know if this was to be a real criticism of religion but i do know this. if it was he just declared socialism a religion. for he just described the intent and purpose along with the doctrines behind socialism down to a T

  2. Check your premise my friend. John Galt is fictional character from the "Novel Atlas Shrugged" by the Author Ayn Rand.

    I am sure you know that Rand was a young women during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. More than any soul, living or dead she despised socialism and its extreme offshoot communism to it's very core.

    Her philosophy, Objectivism, was defined in her novel Atlas Shrugged. I am a student of Rand and at any time you chose to misinterpret her works (and John Galt is a fictional representation of her work) I will be more than glad to debate you on the specifics of your assertion.

    Check my Conservative Manifesto, there is much drawn from Ayn Rand's philosophy.


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