Saturday, December 26, 2009

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Aspiring Diplomat

The smiling face of the Vietnam War hero, oops, excuse me I mean  traitor, and  the face of the man the drone like electorate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts keep sending back to the senate term after term.

However, due to international developing scenarios  the man of less than stellar integrity may find new international recognition. Something he has always sought to gain.

It seems the much esteemed Foreign Relations Chairman is contemplating a trip to Iran. The possible trip is reportedly with the sanction and blessing of the Obama administration.

The worry we should all have is this; the trip is possibly, and likely to play into the hands of the illegitimate Theocracy and Totalitarian Dictatorship that rules this once great  Persian nation.

As the most senior U.S. official to visit Iran in thirty years the effect, both in Tehran as well as globally, would be to give legitimacy to the current madman Ahmadinejad and the 7th century minded Mullahs and their modern day theocracy.

Of course it is possible the real reason behind the visit would be to get Iran's morally bankrupt regime  to accept U.S. and world pressure to halt their development of nuclear capabilities. As Tehran has remained heretofore resistant and belligerent it is unlikely  the urgings of a man of Senator Kerry's questionable stature will result in any positive outcome for the U.S. or the world.

With the current unrest in Iran, and the resultant widespread demonstrations and protests occurring in the country, it is likely unwise Senator Kerry, and untested diplomat, visit Iran and engage in activities that will likely prove harmful to the the Iranian opposition movement.

Rational Nation USA is all for meaningful diplomatic efforts. However they should be with the best interests of the Iranian people, U.S. rational interests, and the interests of  Israel in mind. It is indeed unlikely that a visit from Senator Kerry, bargaining from a compromising position, will have any real and positive effect. It is more likely to disrupt and damage the Iranian people's attempt to change their corrupt and illegitimate government.

We should be finding avenues to show our nations support for the cause of  the Iranian People. Hopefully Mr. Kerry and the POTUS  realize this and act accordingly should Kerry make the trip to Tehran.                                                                                       

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Wall Street Journal


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