Friday, December 25, 2009

Republicans Gain on Democrats in Generic Congressional Ballot

A December 22, 2009 Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot shows Republicans with an eight point advantage over the Democrats. The telephone survey reveals some interesting data, and when taken in full should give the Democratic leadership reason to rethink their strategic and tactical planning.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the far left congressional leadership of Pelosi and Reid et all is out of touch with American voters. While this certainly does not indicate the right is experiencing a resurgent, it does show the American electorate remains center to slightly center right.

Following are some highlights of the polling data.

44% said they would vote for their district's Republican congressional candidate while 36% would vote for the their democratic opponent.

Men tend to prefer GOP candidates over Democratic by 19%. Women are evenly split between to two parties. Voters not claiming a party affiliation preferred Republicans by a 43% t 19% margin.

While Republicans have had the edge for over four months the Republican margin since early November has been steadily increasing.

The landscape has shifted significantly since the fall and winter of 2008. During this time support for Democratic candidates ranged from 42% to 47% while support for GOP candidates was at 37% ti 41%.

When a potential Tea Party candidate is put in the mix the landscape changes significantly. In such a scenario the three way Generic Ballot indicates Democrats attracting 36% of the vote, the Tea Party candidate 23%, and the GOP candidate attracts just 19%. This clearly indicates that should this situation develop it will undoubtedly split the GOP insuring continued Democratic leadership into the future.

During November the number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrat fell to a four year low, however it is still greater than those identifying themselves as Republican.

73% of Republican voters think the party's leadership is out of touch with them. By comparison a plurality of 47% of Democratic voters feel their leadership agrees with them.

Nationwide 55% of poll respondents oppose the Senate Health Care bill while 41% are in favor.

57% of voters nationwide believe it would be better to pass no health care reform rather than the current bill that just passed the in the Senate.

66% of voters stated their preference for a smaller government and fewer services with lower taxes as opposed to a more active statist government with more services and higher taxes.

This poll indicates the shifting political winds in America. If close to accurate these poll numbers are promising for the Republican party, however only if a leadership emerges that can galvanize a broad cross section of Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives under a large and inclusive tent.

While the news is not good for the Democratic party, should the Republicans fail to provide clear and rational leadership Democrats will have little to worry about. If recent history is any indicator this is a clear and distinct likely hood. Read full poll reporting here.

Rational Nation USA, while only reporting the news, is hopeful that a principled and rational Republican party emerges. One who finds its intellectual principals and ethics in the likes of William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater.

Via: Rasmussen Reports

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