Saturday, December 26, 2009

The POTUS and FLOTUS in Hawaii

POTUS and FLOTUS enjoining their well earned Christmas Holiday in the bright and sunny locale of Hawaii.

Now , after the grueling and highly intense heath insurance reform battles at home these past several weeks who could begrudge, or criticize the POTUS for such a hard earned break from it all?

So in the spirit of the Christmas season Rational Nation USA  takes this time to wish you, the FLOTUS, and your family (a bit belatedly) a Very Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year to boot!

Now  I may be mistaken, but I think not, while you and the FLOTUS were enjoying your holidays you found time to drop in at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii to say in your words, "Hey guys Merry Christmas, I'm proud of you guys."  It is nice you found the time to drop in on our troops and spend some time with them at the safety of their base.

A thought however crossed the mind of this questioning individual. Would it perhaps been more appropriate had you visited the troops in Afghanistan, you know, the ones who have been laying their lives on the line for their county? you know, the troops who are far away from loved ones and friends during this important and spiritual time of the year? Might it have shown actual leadership and concern for those most in danger? Might it actually shown courage on your part?

Just a few questions from someone who had a few thoughts for the POTUS and Commandeer in Chief to contemplate.  It has been said for others to willingly follow, one must lead, particularly during times of great risk to those being asked to follow.

Via: Politico 44

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