Thursday, December 31, 2009

Limbaugh Rushed to Hawaiian Hospital

Rush Limbaugh, America's most successful conservative radio talk show host was rushed to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pains. 

The fifty eight year old, who often can offend even those who agree with him more often than not, has the best wishes from Rational Nation USA and hopes for a speedy and lasting recovery.

True to expectations the left is having a wonderful time over his unfortunate health setback, and if the a** wipe comments on this linked article are any indication  they are no doubt hoping Rush's recent circumstances prevent him from returning to his post at the EIB Network.

To be expected from those on the elitist left who have no concept of liberty and what it means, nor do they apparently have the ability to accept any viewpoint differing from their own. What they fail to recognize is this; Rush is as popular as he is precisely because his message is indeed understood and supported by millions of Americans.

That's not to say this truly independent non party aligned conservative individual, nor any other for that matter, agrees with  Rush all the time or on every one of his pronouncements. He is indeed wrong sometimes and those of us who do not drink from the kool aid of any party say as much.  

I guess those on the left, at least many, can not find it in their "bleeding liberal hearts" to just wish a fellow man well and save the a** wipe comments for another day. Perhaps in a forum intended for political discourse and disagreements.  I guess that is the difference between true conservatives and liberals.  Most conservatives are more apt to respect this simple aspect of decency than are the elitist  kool aid drunk lefties.

Perhaps the Democrat's are hoping Rush is to be the first they can ration healthcare to.  Maybe on the grounds he is dangerous and his political views need to be silenced forever. At least that is what the a** wipe comments seem to indicate. Indeed, how unfortunate and hypocritical the political left can be.  

Such is politics. Both sides are guilty to a degree. However today is just a day to call out the left.


  1. G-d bless and keep Rush. He is a true blessing to America, and his voice IS my voice. We will pray for his well-being tonight.

  2. While I find myself taking issue with Rush from time to time, and he can sometimes be perceived as a bit of hot air, everyone should put aside partisan BS and wish him well. He serves to fill an important place in American political dialogue. America is fortunate to have his perspectives.


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