Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Humble Libertarian: Real Conservatives Must Rethink War

I saw this post at The Humble Libertarian today. It is an excellent statement on true independent conservatism and Libertarianism.  True conservative and Libertarian values are often misunderstood in our current political atmosphere of baseless platitude from the far left and the mindless grunts of the far extreme right.

This link should help to dispel any misconceptions of true independent conservatism and Libertarianism.

I hope you enjoy this well thought out presentation. Rational Nation USA thanks The Humble Libertarian for finding and posting this excellent thought provoking video.

View the video at:  The Humble Libertarian: Real Conservatives Must Rethink War


  1. OK. I apologise for not thinking you offered spending cuts. I agree with the Humble Libertarian on Afghanistan. Let's go.

  2. What kind of fiscally responsible conservative would I b without offering spending cuts?

    For a young man The Humble Libertarian has a great grasp on things in today's insane and irrational political scene. That created by the loony left and the reactionary right.

    I am ready if you are!


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