Monday, December 28, 2009

Fire in the Streets, the Iranian Freedom Movement

I imagine the desire for liberty and the right to enjoy the freedom all men are entitled to ultimately outweighs mysticism and religious dogma, no matter what the form may be.

The Iranian people are both a proud and independent culture. Knowing several personally I can honestly say they are rational and caring, with the same values, aspirations, and desires we proud and independent Americans hold dear.

The world is now seeing the true spirit of the people of Persia. A spirit, that after thirty one years of an oppressive and tyrannical Theocracy has had enough. The demonstrations by opponents to the current regime is all one needs to see to know  time is on the side of the people of Iran.

They however need the support of those who truly love freedom and despise authoritarian and oppressive tyrannical government. It is time for Governments that truly respect the rights of the individual, including their right to live out their lives as free and independent agents, to both condemn the Iranian goverbment andd supportthe efforts of the freedom loving opposition.

Where will the Obama administration and the U.S. government stand? Only time will tell. The current situation in Iran provide President Obama, the United States , and the rest of the free world an oppurtunity to do the right thing. Lets hope they do.

Follow the links here, and here to learn more on the unfolding situation in Iran. 

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  1. don't get your hopes up too high. the dems prefer stability over liberty both in domestic affairs and foreign affairs.

  2. Yes Griper, sadly this will likely be the case. We can work for sanity, even as it continually fails to triumph.

  3. I'm not sure what you think is the right thing here RN.

    If you advocate an intervention, I disagree. If you advocate watching and waiting while the Iranian people fight the oppresive regime, then I agree.

  4. Truth - I believe the Obama and his administration needs to come out and forcefully denounce the Iranian regime as well as their 7th century mullahs.

    Evil is evil, and rational and ethical people and nations must denounce it consistently and with conviction.

    The time for intervention will be when and if the Iranian regime commits a verifiable act of aggression against US interests or supports any such against our nation.

    If we had not allowed our financial house to get so frigging screwed up over the past several years I would support giving financial aid to the Iranian opposition. However, in keeping true to my principals, to do so right now would be in opposition to our nations self interests.

  5. "Evil is evil, and rational and ethical people and nations must denounce it consistently and with conviction."

    This is why we are a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with thuggish regimes RN. The Chinese and Russians, hell, the French also don't care about how their trading partners behave.

    The Arab world was friend to the Soviets during the Cold War despite the Soviets atheism.

    We can denounce all we want. We can sanction all we want. In the en it won't matter. What will matter is that we finally allowed another country to settle it's own internal problems.

    President Ford said "we can't go around freeing everybody in the world." As much as I'd like to think we could, we can't.

  6. Your points are well taken TRUTH.

    I am not so sure we are on a different page here. I realize sanction generally don't work and I realize denouncing a totalitarian and morally corrupt government will do little as well.

    So I guess what's the point. To me it is simply a matter of principal. The Iranian people have had the shaft for over 31 years and are now showing signs of rising up in their own self interest. At least we can encourage this and keep a watchful eye as these recent developments may prove to be to our advantage.

    Who knows, we supported Iraq during the Iraq Iran war and ended up fighting a regime we once supported. It's a crazy world and getting crazier.

    That's what happens when nations fail to act responsibly, rationally, and ethically. Perhaps one day the human race will figure it out. But my bet is against it happening.

    President Ford had it about right.


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