Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Rasmussen Presidential Tracking Poll

As the first decade of the twenty first century comes to a close, and President Obama's first year in office is completed, the public's perception of the state of our affairs is a mixture of reserved optimism  and clear concern for our future.

President Obama, riding high following the early months after his election has seen a dramatic decline in the Presidential Approval Index and in his Overall Approval Ratings over the past year. The trend has been consistent and steady. The good news for the President, if there is any, is there has been a recent up tick in his ratings. 

The reality however is this; the American public can be very fickle and the direction of the electorate can change on a whim.  The good news for the Republicans is that trends seem to be favorable for them overall at present. The danger is complacency. That and they are simply going to need to start offering solutions to problems the public is concerned with rather than just saying no to everything.

Opinion polls are instructive, and what is clear is that both parties are severely lacking in true effective leadership. Will this change during 2010 is yet to be seen. From a political  observers perspective it is unlikely it will.

The graphs:

Find here the Rasmussen Poll complete Presidential indicators year end 2009.

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