Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Dung Heap That is Health Care Reform 2009/2010

Given the mood of the majority of the public with respect to Obama's "Bunch of Crap and Special Interest Dung Heap Heath Care Plan", is it any surprise the President is on the offensive defending the pile of cow dung now going through the senate.

Rational Nation USA has no patience, or desire, to comment further on the bucket of crap the President and the useless Congress is about to dump on America. We truly have only ourselves to thank for this useless piece of legislation that will ultimately bankrupt this nation.

As we are led to the den of lions let us remember the words of Benjamin Franklin when asked if the Constitutional Convention had given us a Monarchy of a Republic. To which he replied, "A republic if you can keep it."

My take today is we are fast approaching a monarchy of sorts. Or put another way, rule by the elite.

America Beware!!

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Hill


  1. "America Beware"... You couldn'y have said it any better! We have a big battle ahead of us in the new year.

  2. and don't give up the fight yet, my friend. even if it does pass and is enacted as law the fight won't be over until the next elections are decided.

    those elections will truly spell out what the people want not the opinion polls or what ever else is used to determine the will of the prople.

    it will be then we'll know if the people seek repeal or not if passed or if they wish it if not passed by then.

  3. Nickie - Indeed, 2010 and beyond will be a battle for the soul of our Republic! We have much to do!

    Griper - I shall fight on until my last breath! It is on behalf of our grandchild's generation I will do so. For I wish him (as well as others) to know the American values I love and respect.


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