Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dem's Stop GOP Senate Filibuster

Senate Democrats just voted 60 to 34 to close off debate on a a $446.8 billion dollar omnibus spending bill that is to cover Justice and State Department spending as well as others agencies. The 59th and 60th votes were cast by Senator Byrd and Senator Lieberman.

The bill finances almost 50% of the federal government and will increase funding for the agencies covered by the bill by 10%.

The end of the Republican filibuster was delayed as Democrats had to wait for the 92 year Byrd, who has been ailing, to arrive to cast his vote. Lieberman, who is an Orthodox Jew and normally does not work on the Jewish Sabbath, nor does he drive on Saturday in honor of the Sabbath, walked the 3 miles from his synagogue to the capital, delaying the vote for another 50 minutes.

All but three Republicans opposed the spending bill citing wasteful spending on domestic agencies during a time of war. There were three Democrats, Senator's Evan Bayh, Russell Feingold, and Claire McCaskill who voted with Republicans in support of the filibuster.

It is great seeing our Republic function in it's tasks to serve the nation.  What befuddles is that irrespective of the waste (read pork) in the funding bills they always seem to inevitably make their way to the President's desk.

The gimmick of rolling unnecessary spending, read pork for someone or many, into legitimate funding bills is as common and accepted as Mom and Apple Pie. It is really time We The People demand our legislators stop with the b-llsh-t.

In all fairness though President Bush and the last Congress spent like drunken sailors (Bush #2 never met a spending bill he didn't like) and the current President and Congress are spending like a bunch of drunken sailors on drugs.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: The Washington Post


  1. get no argument from me on this one. based upon our discussion in an earlier post we'd both be hypocrites if we favored it. lol

  2. We have to be honest. We have allowed our government to become to powerful. The time has come that we stand up and drain the swamp.

  3. Gripper - We agree on more than not I think. Thanks for the debate on the earlier post.

    Just a conservative girl - I agree with you 110%. We are long over due for a swamp draining!

  4. a good debate is always good even if it is among those who agree. keeps the mind sharpened.

    and it was fun too.

    been a while since i had a good debate. can see the rust spots showing through. lol

  5. Ahhh, come now, you know you are still sharp Griper. :-)


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