Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Conservatism, The Unconventional Truth

I often wonder if others notice the liberal's penchant for assuming that all conservatives are Republicans. Now mind you,  I don't mean all liberals, just those who have determined that anyone who does not think exactly like them simply must be a Republican.

Of course in their superior and enlightened  minds the conservative (Republican) is evil and will spell the end of civil society as we know it. True to their enlightened thought process, and highly developed and advanced intellect they simply believe they know what's best for us all. Just ask them, they will be more than happy to tell you so. Simply following the leadership of the majority party in Congress leaves little doubt as to the veracity of the prior statement.

Perhaps I have spent too much time on liberal blogs of late. It is possible that after reading so many off the wall liberal diatribes against conservative thought, I have developed a jaundiced view. I do admit to knowing thoughtful and intelligent liberals who understand there is more to the conservative movement than just the current day Republican Party adgenda.

Call today my rant against liberal bloggers and their readership that assume conservatives support everything the current Republican Party leadership does or has ever done. When they do so they insult the intelligence of reasonable liberals and show their elitism or ignorance or both.

The following is a well done short explanation of conservatism. "Unconventional Conservation", by the Southern Avenger is something liberals that lump all conservatives into the 'hated Republican mold" ought to watch and give thought to.

Thank you for letting me get it off my chest.


  1. It's almost become a racial type thing RN. I don't want to insult you or LaOt and a few others that speak clearly and call a spade a spade. But what do we call the deluded that vote for the republican that says one thing and does another?

    In the name of expediency I lump them as righties or republicans.

    I don't get upset when I get called a commie pinko liberal. I consider it a badge of honor when I'm noticed.

  2. I guess that the best description might be ... incredibly out of touch.

    My problem is that with some, certainly not you or TAO, but others nonetheless as soon as a conservative view is expressed they automatically assume the conservative is speaking the party line or FOX news.

    In my humble opinion that simply makes them automatons who are doing exactly what they accuse others that disagree with their views of doing of doing.

    Honest differences are part of life, natural and good. So no it is not a racial type thing. It is simply an observation that I have made about the "lefties" and "righties.

  3. Sometimes we walk on needles and pins RN. Whenever I have a conversation with Libhom I worry I'll type something offensive to him. I don't want to type anything that might be construed as offensive to any of the Black guts that visit from time to time.

    Needles and pins. We're going to offend each other I guess. If you're offended I'm sorry.

  4. No offense taken TRUTH. My skin is actualy a helluva lot thicker than you may think.

    You commented on you first time at RN USA that you hoped I keep my humble blog "civil." And so I strive to do so.

    Actually my youngest son (31 yrs.) commented once or twice that I could be offensive in my posts. Now coming from a liberal such as he is I dismissed it initially.

    Then I thought perhaps he has a point. So I begin to strive to elevate debate to the level of civil discourse. Heated and pasionate disagreement is fine. Calling out an individual (even the President) for premises, philosophies, or actions one feels in error is fine.

    Making it personal detracts from the strengh of ones arguments. I know first hand because I have lost it from time to time.

    I recall a manager I reported to early in my career who always say, "rise above it." Good advice then and good advice now.

    So no matter how pissed off I get, with my head moving left to right, over some of what I consider to be incredibly misquided positions of the left I try to "rise abve it" and remain civil.

    Call it strategy.


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