Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans from Rational Nation USA and a Grateful Nation

To all of America's Veterans Rational Nation USA expresses its deep felt thank you for all you have done to preserve our liberty and protect our homeland. All freedom loving Americans owe a debt of gratitude and deep  sense of reverence  for that which you so freely and selfishly gave to your country.

The following video is but a token of the gratitude and respect this great nation and its people hold for you and your efforts to keep not only this, but future generations free of the  threat of tyranny that is ever present.

Via: Veteran's Day Video


  1. Stunning and moving, God Bless America and all who have fought for her.

  2. We owe an infinite debt to the freedom fighters that put their lives on the line for US every day.

    This American thanks you, and those like you who share American values and are not ashamed to stand for them.

    LCR, keep up your fine work for freedom and American values. You are an inspiration to those who understand but have yet to find their voice.

    My thanks to you my friend and fellow freedom fighter on the home front.


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