Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rasmussen Poll - Presidential Support Continues to Decline

Judging from the tracking poll results out this morning it clear our President is losing support, and at a consistent and steady rate.

Overall 45% of likely voters say they somewhat approve of the Presidents job performance, while 54% say they now disapprove of his overall performance.

The -15% in the Presidential Approval Index combined with the 20% drop in the Presidential Job Approval does not bode well for the President. As more Americans become aware of the specifics of the Presidents health care plan, combined with increasing angst over the economic situation, particularly job losses, it is likely the President will continue to suffer loss of support.

The President's position on trying 911 perpetrators in civilian court in New York City, and his dithering over the decision with respect to troop levels in Afghanistan has not helped the President's standings as well. Read full report here.

Via: Rasmussen Reports


  1. When Obama starts governing like he said he would instead of pandering to the republicans on health care reform. Iraq anD Afghanistan. And Wall Street, his numbers will go back up. In too many ways he has been Bush lite.

  2. Truth - Perhaps. With respect to the economy, and the fact they are both huge spenders I agree.

    With health care I believe he is giving in on his true desires precisely because he realizes the majority of Americans are not with him. So he will settle for a partial loaf with the belief the rest will come later. I am not so sure a workable overhaul will ever happen. TAO is quite right with his analysis of the Swiss System however. It would work and would be a huge improvement over our current system.

    With Afghanistan he simply is dithering because he doesn't trust his generals and he has no clue what to do. He is hoping for manna from Allah to fall and give him guidance.

    As to Wall Street, ..., all of the "Street" is not bad or evil. It's just they should have let the "ones to big to fail, FAIL. That and make lobbying and campaign contribution from corporations illegal.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, he should spend some time with "Bubba" Clinton. I wasn't a fan of Bubba either put at least he managed to leave office w/o a budget deficit.


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