Friday, November 27, 2009

Rally To The Cause Of Liberty and Pride In America

Many might feel this video divisive. However, when one listens to the words, it is most difficult to mount a rational argument against the majority of their premises.

In todays environment of altruistic socialism, multiculturalism and diversity, and the falacious argument that big brother government knows best, it is criical that all who love liberty, individualism, self reliance, and personal responsibility unite to hold back, and beat the charge of socialistic statism.


    Martha Stewart, in a recent TV interview, demonstrated why the elite hate ordinary people who stray into the public eye. She earns the title of Mean Martha with her demeaning responses to questions about Rachael Ray and Sarah Palin. She did us a great service, however, because she gave us a concrete example of the differences between the elite herding class and the herd, them and us. The few elite rule the many, as is tradition in the world outside of America. The elite herding class has moved into most all levels of government, the law, media, entertainment and the big city cocktail circuit. Ordinary working class men and women, their children and parents, are the fly-over herd they are to manage, like polished cowboys circling the cattle. In the terms of the Transactional Psychologists, Mean Martha and her elite are the I’m OK, you are not OK crowd. That is what happened to America since its founding, when everyone, as individuals, had to work and create to survive, stand on their own two feet and depend on their neighbors in times of stress. We have a lot of Mean Martha’s with us today assuming positions of importance where they believe they decide how the herd is to live.

  2. I see your point having suffered my way through the ample offering of vague, yet reasonably accurate,in the end analysis.


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