Friday, November 13, 2009

Politics and Governance

Politics. Did anyone ever say the pursuit of politics and governance was an honorable thing? After 57 years on this earth,  yours truly can't rightly say he recalls anyone who possessed a rational and objective mind ever saying so.

Is there  a logical reason why? As one analyzes the possible reasons  it becomes apparent the thirst for power is the reason.

Try as one might to stop it, the socialist/statist agenda and value structure seems to be the wave of the future, irrespective of the rational and valiant effort to suffocate it. 

Free Market Capitalism is the sustaining power of a free and independent society.  Hopefully our nation still has time to repent our recent error and  rid the mastermind (Obama) of all powers real or perceived by deny him majority party status in congress in 2010, and defeating him at the polls in 2012..

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