Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Pledge of Allegiance - Red Skelton

While perusing some blogs I follow I came across a truly moving post put up by a new blogger, Conscious Observer. One who shares many of the values and convictions this great nation was built on and that are sadly missing in today national leadership. I encourage RN USA readership to check out his blog. It will be a worthwhile effort.

Hat tip to Conscious Observer for a great post and a jewel video find.

Find below his recent post of 11/07/09

Our Pledge Our love for country Our Constitution Our faith in Him

Our Pledge Our love for country Our Constitution Our faith in Him
You can laugh all you want... (But remember when you're laughing...that you have the freedom to do so)

OR, you can laugh all you want American's, because this is the greatest nation on the planet and we are, and have been, "Thankful" for the many great things and ideas in and from this United States of America. (and we thought the 60's were just a bunch of hippies....)

Check out Mr. Red Skelton and his patriostism and his faith.

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