Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Oba Mao" And the Socialist/Statist Energy

"Oba Mao" , now there is a perfectly rational and accurate description of our President. However yours truly does not mean it in the same way the  American socialist/statist government media complex would. Oh no, quite the opposite.

As "Oba Mao" prepares for  his Asian tour the Chinese are talking about how excited they're over the US President. The energy he has and his willingness to roll up his shirt sleeves. He is so admired he is even being given credit for Chinese learning English by listening to his speeches.  

So excited and enamored are the Chinese by "Oba Mao" that  T-Shirts and a bronze statue of him that burst into flames every few minutes will greet him when he arrives in Beijing. The flaming statue in this case is to signify the positive energy apparently the socialist/statist amongst the world population feel he creates.

Mao, to those of us who actually remember his brutal reign of terror in China, or took the time to learn through actual education, understand the similarities in the Obama and Mao philosophy that the state know all and is therefore better equipped to make decision about your life than you are.

There is nothing exciting or glamorous with the comparisons of Obama to Mao. Rather it is frightening because the comparisons are, to a degree, accurate. Obama is certainly not the brutal totalitarian that Mao was, but he is every bit as socialist/statist minded as Mao was. Rather than controlling America by brutal force he will attempt control America through the laws he and others create for that purpose.

Here are the images that will greet "Oba Mao" when he arrives in China.


I don't know about anyone else but it seems the world in general, and our nation in particular, is being turned upside down and stood on our heads in the irrational attempt to mold everyone in the image's of the powerful and dangerous socialist/statist of history. And America has her own share beginning with TR and the early progressive movement that became American socialism. Today we are on the verge of no return under "Oba Mao".

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