Monday, November 9, 2009

Loss of Individual Freedom and Acceptance of Governmental Servitude Act of 2009

The national healthcare bill just passed by Congress should be known as the Loss of Individual Freedom and Acceptance of  Governmental Servitude Act of 2009.

When this misguided socialist/statist unconstitutional grab for ultimate power has finally thrown all Americans under the bus, our nation will one day look back and wonder just what in the hell hit us.  We will deserve our loss of freedom and choice because when the choice was ours we gave it up to the state for a bit of perceived security.

How prophetic the words of Benjamin Franklin were at the close of the Constitutional Convention. The words are not quoted here because those that know of what is being written here need not the reminder. For those who either don't know, or have cared not to know, the quote would fall on deaf ears anyway.

HR 3962 clearly sates that failure to purchase  a government approved healthcare plan will result in fines and/or imprisonment. Welcome to the socialist/statist agenda, compliments of Barrack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, with a special recognition to the deceased Theodore Kennedy.

Take the time to read HR 3962, and trust not your government. For if you do servitude will hang like a heavy chain around your neck.

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