Friday, November 27, 2009

A Look at Thomas Paine - A Revolutionary Firebrand and Lightning Rod

Thomas Paine, the man who galvanized a people to revolution, and thus became the individual most responsible for our becoming a free and independent Republic is worth getting to know through an understanding of his works.

The video clips offered here are but a brief glimpse into a self educated man of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. Paine, a man of great stature, is well worth the time spent to get to know his works.

In doing so it could well help get America back on a path to national sanity.

And inspire a second and non violent revolution in America. A re-awaking of our founding principals and a road back to greater liberty and responsibility if you will.


  1. Great videos! Unfortuately I didn't know much about Paine until now. Thank you! I will look more into him.

  2. Coffeypot - Paine was a common man, primarily self educated and a true visionary. George Washington once said, and I paraphrase, if it were not for Thomas Paine The American revolution would not have occurred.

    I have spent several days on liberal blogs, a couple that are reasonable and sensible. Some that are left so far out they are elitist and out of this world. They are the ones need fear.

    The only way to to counter them (as they are well educated) is to learn our history accurately and not get tied to the platitudes. If we are to beat the leftist elitist intellectuals we must be able to beat them on the basis of a more rational intellect.

    History offers many examples. Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson are but two of the giants. there other born of the Enlightenment and Age of Reason.

    It matters not who one starts with, the road of self inquiry will lead one naturally to others. It is a great journey and the more that take it the greater the likelihood of gaining our Republic back.

    I would recommend visiting A Radical Perspective and Truth Shall Rule as they are reasonable liberal blogs. And if we are to save this nation they, and others of their understanding, will be the ones that we will need to work with in doing so.

    As a true independent conservative and "classical liberal" I believe we need to converse with the rational opposition to arrive at a reasonable and reasoned solution to our problems.

    With such a diverse population it is unreasonable to expect all agree with our viewpoints. We need to be more rational and yes, informed, than they are to win. This is within our reach if we but listen to the reasoned minds of an enlightened age. The age that glorified liberty and science.


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