Friday, November 27, 2009

Death of the U.S. Dollar

The following video is frightening. Its contents will shake you to the very core, and cause you to wonder just how we have arrived at our present state of affairs.

The plan for the eventual establishment of a world currency, and indeed a one world order, has been in progress going back to the early years of our Republic. Financial corporations, and political figures have kept it a buried and well hidden secret.

Some very early leaders of our Republic such as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln foresaw the impending danger. Unfortunately this did not change the course of events. 

The institution known as the Federal Reserve, and the Progressive Income Tax have much to do with the impending disaster to our currency, our way of life, and our security. Both have contributed  to the plan.

The Obama administration, like many before it will encourage the continued progression to assured insolvency and  national bankruptcy. 

There is little time.  Unless we act to force our national leaders to begin acting responsibly, and in our best interest this nation will cease to exist as we have known it.

As Thomas Paine wrote over two and a quarter centuries ago, "These are times that try men's souls." We are again at a point in space and time these words ring true.  The question to be asked, and ultimately answered is, can we save our Republic from eventual demise?

The Video.


  1. Abandonment of the progressive tax system would mean brutally higher taxes on those that could least afford them.

    Or, incredibly huge spending cuts. Military expenditures cut by at least half. Veterans benefits slashed. Road and highway construction programs gutted.

    Face the fact RN. Government is a giant social program that to some degree or another we all benefit. Especially the wealthiest becuase it is this system that protects and helps them build wealth.

    The middle class wants it's streets plowed in winter. The upper class wants it's government contracts and a system that helps the middle class support it. You feed the masses you eat with the classes.

  2. Great post. And Ron Paul will get his dream, the Fed will be audited. I am nearly more proud of this accomplishment of his than becoming president would have made me. Isn't it amazing that the same politicians that are 'for the poor' actually stand for the destruction of the dollar, thus destroying the middle class and poor American's earning and spending power?

  3. Truth - While not in disagreement with your observations in total I do know that the federal government was not intended to be a huge social program. Much of what you refer to could and should be the domain of the "several independent" states. We have run away spending, out of contro; deficits, and a body politic that is either to stupid to get it or just doesn't give a damn. In either case the results are the same. As we continue to spend our children's, our grandchildren's, and great grandchildren's future, leaving them the bill I wonder how they will feel about our caring ways?

    LCR - Yes it was a real pleasure to see Paul achieving his dream of auditing the FED. While it doesn't give any real authority perhaps American's will wake up and realize the evil inherent in that ill advised institution.

    Yes it has always amazed me, but it is understandable because in so doing it effectively serves to limit liberty and increase their power over the unenlightened "masses." Most are nothing more than power hungry statists and elitists.

  4. They give a damn about their reelections RN. Who other than you and LCR would vote for a guy that said he wasn't going to get you a new bridge or highway?

    I've done my share of politicking for these guys. Dick Durbin. Phil Hare. A few others. I plead guilty as hell.

  5. Truth - When we work for or support a politician we all believe they are going to act with integrity and in the rue interests of the people.

    Unfortunately most are just professional politicians looking out to protect the interests of those that "bought" them.

    Thus is our sad reality in America today. At one time I believe there were individuals of integrity who where concerned for the nations immediate affairs AND for posterity. No longer do I believe this. Those days died circa 1900.

    A second non violent revolution needs to happen in this nation. Until we vote all the damn crooked current crop out of Congress, along with the current President NOTHING will change.

    Short of this, and real campaign finance law change along with severe restrictions on lobbying we can plan to see more of the same and posterity will be handed a huge bill to pay.

    Unfortunately I think you are right Truth. America lacks the will and strength to affect the needed changes we really need.

    Guess we just have to keep trying.


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