Sunday, November 15, 2009

America - Freedom -vs- Facism, The Choice is Ours

The foregoing video montage if you will, is interesting, and it is accurate. If one ever wondered, or doubted, where the real power in government lies this series will shine a light on the answer.

Politicians, both in our past and present, understand three things well, money, power, and control. If they legitimatize those with the money they are in turn given their greatest desire, POWER. With the POWER, gained through their support of the moneyed interests, they have that which politicians have wanted for all time, CONTROL over YOU.

Ever wonder why the politicians sold you on the importance of bailing out failed financial institutions with your tax dollars? It's all interrelated and interconnected, and its all about retaining power and control. OVER YOU THE PEOPLE.

Rational Nation USA presented this admittedly lengthy video montage for only a single purpose. In hopes its messages are considered and acted upon so as to save the remaining freedoms we are still able to enjoy in this, the Greatest and Freest Nation the World has ever known.


  1. Some great videos. thanks for posting these.

  2. Trestin - I am glad you found them worthwhile. And thanks for visiting RN USA.


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