Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Socialist Future?

It is looking more like the Pelosi, Reid, Obama Steam Roller Company, aka, The United States Governmental Leadership Troika is about  to succeed in forcing their socialized vision of health care down the throats of all Americans. Cradle to Grave socialism is about to become a reality in what was once the bastion of capitalism and individual liberty.

Pay close attention to Representative Michelle Bachman in the following video segment. The new comprise bill on national health care reform, presumably improved, is approximately twice as many pages as the original. Written by attorneys in legalese, it is only logical to draw the conclusion no one fully understands the bill. It is also logical to conclude it further erodes individual freedom and self sufficiency.

As a nation we are looking squarely into the eyes of an insatiable beast known as our government, and unless we begin to consider the words of individuals like Representative Bachman, and other who value our freedoms, we will sesend into a less free and more dependent society.

As you consider the words and warning of Representative Bachman, consider these words of one of Americas champions for individualism and liberty.

This next video segment seems to have correctly predicted our current slide into economic disaster and the socialist welfare state President Obama and his leadership appears to desire for our country.

I, like Ayn Rand did in the 1950's continue to believe we can reverse our slide into socialism and total statism. However, the sand is running low in our hour glass. We have not much more time.

Think of your children, grandchildren, and your great grand children as you think on the preceding messages of liberty and the freedom to chose. It is ours to lose.

Via: Memeorandum
Via: Gateway Pundit

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