Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can Obama Make a Decision?

Your inability to make a decision on Afghanistan is costing American lives, and damaging your credibility with the troops you keep in harms way. Either make the decision to pull the troop out Mr. President, or give them a clear mission, commit the money required to win, and then let them kick ass.

Your dithering serves no purpose other than to show your weakness. While you dither troops die without any idea if you even have a vision for Afghanistan.

Here are your words Mr. President; "While I will never hesitate to use force to protect the American people or our vital interests, I also promise you this—and this is very important as we consider our next steps in Afghanistan: I will never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm's way,"

So what's it going to be Mr. President?  You have in fact hesitated, and you have in fact kept troops in harms way as you remain indecisive.  Troops are dying. Our men and women in uniform deserve a damn sight better Mr. President. Either get them out or give them a clear mission and let them win.

Your not alone in your dithering ways. The hero of the lost cause of Vietnam had this to say, "Under the right circumstances, if we can be confident that military efforts can be sustained and built upon, then I would support the president should he decide to send some additional troops to regain the initiative,"

Certainly sounds like another "political war" in the making. Reminiscent of the Vietnam war which was fought by politicians from Washington while they tied the hands of our troops on the field of battle.

Mr. President, Rational Nation USA has went on record questioning our continued involvement in Afghanistan. Questioning exactly what our continued national interest is in remaining in that hell hole. You have thus far failed to answer these or any questions.

 The time for questioning has passed. The time for decision making in now. Our troops deserve a decision, and our nation deserves a decision. That is your job Mr. President, to make a decision.

If only you could call a real leader, someone like President Ronald Wilson Reagan, perhaps you might finally find the strength to make what is admittedly a difficult decision.

Via: Breitbart


  1. I saw him today on the news talking to the sailors in Jacksonville, and he was bragging that he would not make a hasty decision that would put them in harms way. He got a smattering of applause, but the sailors behind him were not smiling. They know that their brothers and sisters are in harms way and need their help and they are ready to go.

    He is no leader and he is no President worth speaking of. Go to my site and watch that video.

  2. Calling out Obama as "Mr. President" fails to get his attention. He already thinks of himself as "Your Excellency".

    The man who most often voted "present" doesn’t want to make a decision. He wants you focused on his "indecision". Meanwhile he and "The Forehead" are running up our debt and printing money. OBummer's main objective is bankrupting our country – to enable a socialist coup. ObamaCare, outrageous Czars, and Afghan Indecision are all deliberate smoke screens. Then one fine morning the Arabs will want Euros or Yen for their Oil, and America will descend into hell.

  3. Obama has made it clear that he doesn't want to partner with a dictator that ran a fraudulent election. We did that in the past with the Shah of Iran, Somozoa in Nicargua and Pinochet in Chile. All are gone and all the US got was a black eye.

    The situation will not be resolved in Afghanistan by simply sending more troops. A coherent strategy needs to be developed that was never present when Bush was CINC. BTW is served my country for many years in the Air Force and worked in intelligence.

    Some of the people who posting on you site need to get over the 2008 election and try to post more constructive comments. If you think Americans have forgotten about the mess Bush made, we haven't.

    Name calling won't help the GOP win the next election.

  4. Coffeypot and Iron Mike,

    Good points all.


    I see your points. They remain by and large the talking points of the progressive left. Nothing new.

    As to the Republicans winning the next election. I hope not. What I am pulling for, and working for it to see true independent Libertarians and Conservatives align themselves and put up a True platform of Hope and Change for America. One grounded in Liberty, capitalism, self reliance, borders, language, culture, fiscal sanity and responsibility, individualism over collectivism, a rational foreign policy, an understanding radical Islam is out to conquer and control the world, and,on and on, and so forth.

    The important thing is to replace the current Congress and President with people of true integrity.

    That's not to say they all in Congress lack integrity because a few are men and women of integrity. The majority are not.

    As for the President, I am sure he is a good man at heart with a bit of community activist experience and a law degree. Beyond that he is drifting in a sea of socialist/statist thought.

    We should all hope he doesn't cause this nation to implode before he is replaced in 2012.


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