Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anti Beck Leftist Propaganda (Parody)

Talk about a leftist propaganda piece. Found this amusing at first glance. Then I realizes just how precarious our nations future really is.

The lefts answer to the legitimate concerns Beck and millions of others hold that our government is now, and has been for some time drifting in the direction of Fascism. Fascism is socialism, and communism is an extremme form of socialism.

Beck realizes that the American public is by and large moderate to conservative. The truth is that its the power brokers, politicians, left wing social activist organizations, media, and academia that he is primarily talking about. And he is correct.

It is as interesting as it is predictable that youth would be used as actors in this cute skit. For who but the youth hold the key to the eventual success of the socialist/staist movement overthrowing capitalism, individualism, self reliance, and just about evertything America once
stood for when it was truly the beacon of strenght for the free world.

I shed a tear for future generations each time I see this propaganda game by the left. The impressionable, and already propagandized by academia youth generation, buys this cow dung without giving it a thought.

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