Friday, August 28, 2009

Politics as Usual in Massachusets and PC in California

As people are paying their respects to the late Senator Kennedy there is a firestorm brewing  in Massachusetts politics that is directly linked to Washington DC.  The reason, a cynical and political move to change yet again a law to favor the liberal agenda by allowing Governor Deval Patrick to temporarily fill the late Senators seat by gubernatorial appointment.

Senator Kennedy recently had asked Massachusetts lawmakers to give the Governor authority to name a successor until such time a special election could be held. Under current Massachusetts law the time period in which such an election must be held is between 145 and 165 days.

Sound reasonable? in 2004 during Republican Governor Mitt Romney's administration Senator Kennedy pushed Massachusetts state legislators to take appointment power away from the Governor. Ultimately the effort succeeded  and the liberal agenda prevailed.  The reason was presumably to foster a more democratic process, although the likely reason was to prevent a Republican Governor from making appointments.

Now that the change in law in 2004 may not work to the liberal  agenda, Pol's in Washington, as well as Massachuttses, are once again playing politics. The argument now is that five months is too long to go without Massachusetts having a second voice in the Senate. If that is so today then why was it deemed not so in 2004?

An article appearing today in the Wall Street Journal, written by John Hechinger and Philip Shishnkin, reports on this issue. The article is informative and a complete reading leaves one with the sense the purpose of returning power to Governor Deval Patrick is to insure a second affirmative vote from Massachusetts on the Obama Health Care Plan, just in case the vote is close.  Politics as usual continues in the the one party Baystate.

The Associated Press, in an article by Erica Werner, reports today that a top level House liberal (read socialist) has commented that party moderates that have advocated for changes in the Obama Health Care Plan are brain dead. Rep. Pete Stark, Democrat California, maintains that Blue Dog Democrats "just want to cause trouble." 'They're for the most part, I hate to say brain dead."

So there we have it. A cynical political flip flop in Massachusetts to favor yet again the liberal (read socialist) agenda. A liberal (read again socialist) California Representative calling moderates in his own party brain dead because they don't toe the Obama socialist/statist line.

Unless, and until such time as we put the President and his socialist cohorts on notice that we have had enough already we will continue to face more of the same power grabs, and the same insults by those who believe they know what's best for all Americans.

And another thing Representative Stark, I resent your characterization of those who disagree with your socialist agenda as brain dead. I guess with all your superior intellect and wisdom you're just to dumb to realize you insulted millions of moderate to conservative hard working Americans who actually do something of value to earn their living. Hey, maybe you stand to be appointed the Politically Correctness Czar when the President decides one is necessary. After all, your appointment to such a vaulted position would increase our freedom  and make us a more tolerant society. Especially when we all think like you and the President., right?

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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