Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is Racism Resurgent in America

A close friend, perhaps my closest made a comment the other day that he was concerned racism has recently experienced a new resurgence in America. At first I dismissed the comment as that of a progressive who feels the conservative movement with it's new found activism over Obama's health care plan was somehow responsible for this perceived resurgence of racism.

However, after initially putting it out of my mind, hours later I found myself pondering over his comment. I realized my friend is far to intelligent to think conservatives are responsible for what he sees as a resurgent racism. I am equally sure he does'nt think the fact we have a black President has anything to do with his perceived increase in racism. He referenced organization that are admittedly right wing, skinheads, white supremacists, etc. which have existed for years and are on the fringes of mainstream American life. Nor do they represent the average American, either conservative or progressive.

In as much as there is truth to the statement that white racism exists in this country, there is also equal truth that black racism (or reverse racism) exists as well. There always has been and likely always will be those who simply lack the capacity to see past color and race. This is indeed sad because at the end of the day, regardless of race, national origin, gender, or sexual preference we are all human beings deserving of the same respect and opportunities as the next. The only circumstance that rationally changes that equation is when a person is guilty of not extending the rights they desire to their fellow man {read humankind}.

Taking this into the political arena I see a tendency, on the part of some, to believe those who take issue with, and oppose the Presidents policies, philosophies of governance, or his vision for America are somehow racist. While there may be some small fringe minority that fit this narrow view the truth is opposing a person's views if they are black does not make anyone a racist. Nor does a black man taking issue with a white man's view make the black man a racist. Politics is about, or at least should be about finding solutions so the government can "properly" govern it's citizens.

This writer is a true independent Conservative. One who believes in limited government and that the free market is best suited to drive our economy and the engines of production and productivity. Further government's proper role is to provide for the national defence, maintain a proper judicial system to adjudicate crimes against people and property, provide for proper law enforcement agencies to protect citizens against the criminal element in society, and provide for a educational system to educate the populace and insure against censorship of idea's. Obviously some form of taxation is needed to fund the "necessary and proper function" of government but should be limited.

As you can see I am opposed to almost every philosophical position, policy decision, and view President Obama has for our nation. Does that make me a racist? Much has been written on this blog about what I , and others see as a socialist or Marxist President in the oval office. Does that make me or them racist? Does president Obama's initial support of Professor Gates and his remark that"the police acted stupidly" make the President a racist? This man's opinion is a resounding no to all.

Political differences are a fact of life. The vast majority of people; Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern in America know this. They also realize that while there are some true racists of every persuasion they are the minority and are properly shunned by rational thinking individuals in society. It is time more people spoke up and put this perceived idea of a new resurgence of racism in America to bed. People of reason in all races must shine a bright non racial light on the facts. Disagreement with a person of another race or national origin, does not make one a racist.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA


  1. Hi Les,

    You're a very insightful guy and articulate in calm and rational fashion. I've read many of your blogs, thanks!

    Like you mentioned too, we also have lives and other appointments on our daily schedules, and yet, it seems a fire in ones heart to speak their minds and keep in touch with our fellow Americans through this modern tool in blogging and internet. (Making it all the more important to keep an eye on our "czars" regarding this freedom and or luxury)

    If you can buy some time from somewhere, please check out my blog from Oct 22 "Racism, What is it? Why?" on

    Thanks! Jeff

  2. CO - Thank you for your support. I apologize for not responding to your post sooner. I had failed to set my blog setting to prompt me for moderation on comments to much older posts. This has been corrected.

    Thanks once again for visiting my humble blog.


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