Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Obama a socialist/ Marxist by Defenition - Part #2

The image to the left aptly describes the result of every communist totalitarian government that has existed since Karl Marx and  the publishing of  The Communist Manifesto. Marx however was not a politician nor a government official.  He started no political party nor did he actively involve himself with a particular political movement.
Marx, aside from being a 19th century economics and social philosopher was a pragmatist in some respects and an idealist in others.  Not unlike many of us today.  While I find the the results of his economic model and social philosophy, as practiced and perverted by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro, to be  revolting, I can not argue with much of his theoretical economic premises as he expressed them in his writings.

I was called to task by a person whose intelligence and integrity I respect, and was reminded that Karl Marx's work, taken in context and in the historical framework of his time is far removed from what today is passed off as Marxism or Marxist. This persons problem is not with my general position on the current political, economic, and social climate in America. It is with what he views as a misrepresentation of Marx's philosophy and life's work for the purpose of creating fear where none need exist to further a political agenda.

After giving thought to his comments, and recalling some of what I had learned about Marx those many years ago as a student, I must confess that he has a valid point. Marx in is own words said "as for me I am not a Marxist." While the general belief is that Marx was in favor of redistributing wealth  the fact is he was a strong critic of the socialists of his time because they focused on (re)distribution of wealth rather than improvements in the material forces of production. He also believed that capitalism was good for society and  a huge leap forward  in what he saw as economic evolution to a more efficient and productive state. It is also true that Marx himself was not a proponent of investing total power in the state. Later proponents of communism did advocates for a strong centralized (and  totalitarian) government. But here again it was a perversion of Marx's actual beliefs and was done to further the interests of those desirous of , or in power.

I can not hope to accomplish an in depth discussion of Marx's theories in this post. It is not my intention to do so. Rather I wish to answer the challenge put to me to accurately and concisely state what I mean both politically and philosophically. So, after some revisiting here is what I mean (and meant) with respect to characterizing President Obama as a socialist/Marxist:

1) He is a socialist with the intent of reshaping our countries landscape both politically and economically.
2) As a classical "Utopian" socialist he believes in the redistribution of wealth to create a more "equal" and thus "fairer" society. Naturally as he views equal and  fair.
3) He is a proponent of investing more power in government.  Witnessed by the growing number of Czars being appointed. A way around the legislative branch and meant to consolidate power in the executive branch. IE; The President
4) His partial nationalization of the auto industry, involving government in setting bonuses and or salaries of business executives, universal healthcare with the "public option or co-ops" which is the first step to single payer, just to name a few more are all decisions meant to further increase centralized power in the government.
5) To be very clear about what I mean, and have meant when referring to Obama as a socialist/Marxist - it has been meant in the vein of what is passed off as "Marxism" today, meaning Obama is a "Statist" who believes in consolidating and increasing the power of the state in individuals lives and the affairs of business.
If we as a people "give this President his head" it is my belief that at the end of his time in office we will have a more oppressive and less responsive government.

Politicians, when allowed to remain in office "read in power" for a very long time seem to have a habit of becoming corrupt. Additionally as they produce nothing of intrinsic value they essentially become parasites living off the people they are supposed to represent. Our country is a democratic republic (I wish people would stop calling it a democracy) and we must begin replacing those of our representatives that have become unresponsive to the welfare of our nation and serve only to enrich themselves. The statement 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ' should be instructive in what is happening today to a fair number of our elected officials and thusly our government.  Our founding fathers recognized the dangers inherent in concentrated government power. That is precisely why they devised a government with limited executive authority, a system of  checks and balances, and with power invested in those being governed.  Our country was indeed fortunate to have the profound thinkers that crafted our Republic.  If we are not vigilant in protecting it we stand the very real chance of losing our Republic.

In summary to be clear, and in deference to the concern expressed by one of the readers of my blog ,  my concise view is that  Barrack Hussein Obama is a socialist, a statist, and if allowed to further centralize power in the government and his office our Republic will become unrecognizable in a matter of a few short years. I say this with respect to the framing of our nation and as time is relative within the context of our 233 year history an a Republic.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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