Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congress Goes Into It's August Recess Without Enacting Socialized Health Care

Congress has adjourned and it's members have left Washington to begin the August recess. They did so without enacting President Barrack Hussein Obama's sweeping socialized health care initiative. For that we should all be thankful. Cautious minds, at least for the moment, prevailed.

Having said this I submit the conservative movement, and each and every true conservative, must not let up on the pressure we have subjected congress to so far to resist the temptation to a quick Marxist fix to our health care issues. Our system is admittedly in need of some adjustment, both in availability and affordability, but a rush to any solution is a mistake. Particularly when the rush is to preserve the "political credibility" of a President who spoke to soon and out of step with the American people.

Recent public polling indicates the American people are wary of both the cost and scope of the Obama overhaul (Boston Globe 8/01/09) of our health care system. As a result of this Democrats say they need the President to keep up the pressure on us as they pressure their constituents to support the legislation favored by Obama and the liberal socialist/Marxist in congress.

David Axelrod, an Obama advisor after meeting with House Democrats told reporters, "we need to go out and make an impressive case over August." It is clear from this statement, as well as the general sentiment amongst the liberal congress, that the battle lines are drawn. Liberal socialist/Marxist's are gearing up for the greatest selling initiative of their careers. Conservatives must be ready, willing, and able to mount an equally effective "counter case" if we are to preserve the remnants of our republic.

As accurately stated in the Boston Globe, "Many Conservative Democrats could be vulnerable in the 2010 midterm election - one reason Obama and his fellow Democrats, who control Congress, are eager to schedule the health care vote by the end of this year." I don't know about you but this sounds like cynical politics at it's worse. The idea, get it done before the American people speak or we may lose our opportunity to force it down their throats.

The President has used, and will continue to use, the argument that enacting his plan for socialized health care is central to our long term economic recovery. This begs the question; how will increasing the government's cost for health care possibly help control our already out of control federal debt of eleven point eight trillion dollars which is mounting by the minute. Sounds like Voodoo economics and logic to me.

Back to my original points. We have dodged the bullet of socialized health care for now. The forces for socialism/Marxism will not rest. Therefore, it is imperative that those of all political persuasion who value rationality and caution, speak out and force the steamroller to slow down, figure out how to get it right, and if that takes until 2010 so be it. Is not the welfare of this nation and it's people more important than the agenda of any politician? Even Barack Hussein Obama?

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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