Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Modern Journalism and the Media - Fact or Bias

The government media complex is shifting into overdrive to do its part to help the socialists ramrod socialized medicine down our “collective throats”. Rather than report the facts, without their progressive biases, the “mainstream media” attempts to sway opinion towards the socialist agenda. To do so is acceptable and proper if the writer is an op-ed columnist or a blogger. However, journalists are supposed to report what they know based on factual data, without selective editing.

The “opposition media”, those conservative publications with less circulation are guilty of attempting to do the same with their agenda. This is just as objectionable as the progressive “mainstream” media’s attempt to sell us the government’s socialism. It is not the proper or ethical function of journalists to sell us anybody’s agenda. Their responsibility is to report the facts as they are, not as they personally would like them to be. That brand of journalism is, well, yellow.

There exists a huge body politic that sees their job as convincing us, the people, what is best for our own good. That and getting themselves reelected to their position of comfort and power. Politicians on both sides of the corrupt aisle tell us what THEY want us to hear. Generally this will be along the line they think will get them voted in yet once again and further enhance their power over us. That is the nature of government’s and unless the people limit their government’s power eventually they lose their individual liberties.

This is why it is so critically important that journalists do the hard research, ask the tough questions, and hold the politicians feet to the fire. To use Sgt. Friday’s well known phrase, “the facts ma’am, just the facts”. That is exactly what the journalists we depend on should be doing, giving us the facts, without omissions, additions, or their particular bias.

Journalists, properly executing their responsibilities are integral to keeping this republic free. They can and should be guardians of our liberties, ensuring the people have the facts necessary to make informed decisions on issues that affect us all. We simply cannot trust the politicians. It is time journalists in every medium start doing their jobs properly.

Les Carpenter

Rational Nation USA


  1. I agree with much of what you write but I would be much more comfortable if the flag said only OLD GLORY and not use One Nation With Liberty and Justice For All. Leaving out under God is OK but is not in tune with about 85% of this nations people including many of our founding fathers. I realize it is your blog to do with what you want but this introduces religion which I hoped it would not do. Perhaps just 'Liberty and Justice for All' would be sufficient.

    An admirer

  2. I am not so sure the founding fathers would take issue. The wording of the pledge was changed in the 1950's from the original. The introduction of religion occurred at that time. Religion, or spirituality as it were is of a personal nature. I have always found the original wording of the pledge of allegiance to be both sufficient and proper.

    Having said this I will, upon your well intended advice make modification to the posting of Old Glory on this blog.

    I thank you for your interest in my blog and hope you will continue to visit and post comments as you deem appropriate.

  3. Les - Thanks for following the Left Coast Rebel. I love everything that you stand for, your mission statement - it seems that we are 'peas of a pod.' Keep up the good fight and let me know if you need anything!

  4. Thanks LCR and likewise

    Les Carpenter III
    Rational Nation USA


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