Monday, July 13, 2009

Freedom of Thought

Frightening words and picture aren't they?

As these words are posted here, on this blog today, we do still have the freedom to use our mind and speak our thoughts. However we must be careful to run every thought through a Politically Correct filter or perhaps face some unpleasant consequences if we don't. As the progressive/socialist/fascist/Marxists running our National Government gain more and more control over Our Government, our businesses, and our personal lives our ability to use our mind and speak our thoughts freely will be severely limited and the consequences perhaps dire.

One only need to look as far back in history as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, and Mao to visualize the horrors that concentrated power in the hands of statist minded individuals and groups can bring to the people. It is time to clean house while we still can and vote all current incumbents out of office when they are up for re-election. We must then send a strong message to the new congress that we want mandatory term limits on all elective offices. We must insist on term limits for the judiciary as well. This is the only way we will get our country back. To believe that the current crop of incompetent, corrupt, lying politicians are the only ones who can handle the job is, well, insanity in this mans judgement.

We can, if we have the will, reverse the insane direction we are taking. The current administration (and three proceeding administrations) , along with a willingly complicit congress have set us on a path to mutually assured irrelevance at best and self destruction at worst.


Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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