Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thoughts on PC, Multi-Culturalism, Climate Change and Government

A quarter century ago give or take, we heard a lot about political correctness or PC. Politically Correct Speech was primarily about not offending anyone, usually the liberal politicians, their supporters in liberal academia, and the liberal media with ideas they didn't approve of. Since ones speech is controlled, and driven by ones thoughts the real reason behind political correctness was the attempt to control the thoughts of an entire generation along the lines of approved progressive thinking.

Soon thereafter we began hearing the steady drum beat of diversity and multi culturalism. On the surface the ideas of diversity and a multi cultural society sound great. After all, at the turn of the 20Th century millions were coming to the shores of America to find a better life, one with liberty and increased opportunities. So what's the difference between then and now you may ask. The difference is the immigrants coming to our shore then learned our language, assimilated into our culture, and in short became Americans. They celebrated our similarity as well as our combined strength. They retained their unique heritage but did not focus on the differences. They blended their native heritage into the fabric of their new American life. Today the progressive/socialist/Marxist politicians and educators are using diversity and multi culturalism to divide us by focusing us not on shared values and issues but rather on the differences we as a people naturally have. These politicians and lawmakers, along with their supporters in academia, want us divided so we don't notice their real agenda, which is to increase their power over the people and place us under the oppressive reigns of government.

The next building block our politicians, academia, and the government media complex will use to place us even further under the wheels of oppressive government is the presumed issue of climate change. By ignoring any scientific data that does not support their flimsy arguments they will attempt to convince us that anyone who disagrees with their view is unpatriotic, misinformed, or worse doesn't care about our world and it's global environment. Of course the magnitude of this looming and potentially catastrophic problem is so large, so complex only the federal government, in tandem with all the other governments of the world can "fix" the problem. In order to "fix" the problem further restrictions will need to be placed on individuals, and businesses. As is always the case with further government control over our lives and businesses our cost of living will go up while our standard of living will go down.

We have been on the path to socialist/Marxist rule in this nation for the past 109 years. All that path has led to is less freedom, more government, and most recently huge debt driven by an insatiable appetite for spending to grow the government. Recent unrestrained greed by some on Wall Street have contributed to our current problems, but that is not the root cause of our problem. Our government is. It makes no difference which party is in office today. The results are the same because both major parties are driven by the progressive/socialist/fascist/Marxist ideologies.

Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

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