Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We Hope Republicans Continue To Enjoy the Clown Car That Trump Has Turned the GOP Into

We also Wish Conservatives Much Luck In Rebuilding Conservatism Into a Rational Philosophy Once You Dump Trump (Drumpf) 

Just a little fact check.


  1. I'm wondering whether Johnson pulls more from der Trumpler or the e-mail woman...

  2. Millions of patriotic Americans are on the Trump Train. And the lying corrupt old hag is headed to the looney farm this November.

    1. Thanks for stopping by with your fact free and hyperbolic contribution Joan.

      We're pretty sure where you fit in the demographics.

    2. A bit of real data from Real Clear Politics for ya to chew on Joan. And the debates haven't been held yet. A venue in which Drunpf willk have his a*s handed to him on a platter.

      RCP AvearagE

      Clinton 41.8%
      Drumpf 39.7%
      Johnson 8.9%
      Stein 2.9%

    3. The spoiler total is quite large this time, and can have a major effect.

    4. And Johnson says he doesn't care if he spoils and result is a president Trump. Yahoo News reports that Gary sez "I'll sleep soundly if Donald Trump wins". Of course he will. Gary is rich (net worth 3-10 million) and Trump is suggesting tax cuts that will people like Gary. Also, he's not Black, so why should he care if Trump gets his way institutes his policies of "law and order" (get tough on Blacks) or "stop and frisk" (violate the 4th amendment rights of Blacks). Gary is also not Hispanic, so he doesn't have to worry about being stopped and asked for his "papers" or otherwise discriminated against by people thinking he might be an "illegal".

  3. ...'patriotic Americans..Trump train..' from Joan of Snark. I enlisted while Trump was loafing with his
    FIVE deferments. Call me unpatriotic if you wish, but that is a train with no light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. It is hard to believe the Hillary haters would prefer to add over $5 Trillion to the national debt. Wonderful. Great. Believe Me. The Tea Party is drinking something other than tea, methinks.

  5. Tea Party members, advocates, adherents, or whatever they preferred to be called have not only been drinking something other than tea BB Idaho they apparently have been smoking some real potent sh*t as well.

  6. My search show different results.

    ssen Reports:
    Trump - 44%
    Clinton - 39%
    Trump - 45%
    Clinton - 43%
    LA Times:
    Trump - 45%
    Clinton - 43%
    Chew on that!

  7. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to becleading Republican Donald Trump in many of the polls.But thanks to social media there is more and more evidence that the polls are way off.

    Clinton has a hard time filling small union halls or high school gymnasiums or even Pizza Parlors while Trump continues to fill stadiums with several thousand left standing outside.

    Donald Trump is also destroying Clinton On all social media polls.

  8. 1) The Real Clear Politics Average is a more reliable indicator than any single given poll.

    2) Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, probably the most reliably accurate source, has Clinton at a 60% + likelihood of winning the election. And yes he shows the race tightening.

    Three debates will likely determine who wins. Odds are in HRC's favor. She has superior knowledge, much better speaking ability, and has demonstrated greater honesty compared to Trump.

    Chew on that JSIR. I suggest you broaden the field from which you pick your data.

    BTW, the NYT has endorsed Clinton. The article giving the rationale for the decision is detailed, rational, balanced, truthful, and spot on. Look it up after you read the morning edition of BrietFart.

  9. Woo Hoo, debate night 1! Looking forward to seeing Trump the Drumpf cave to a superior intellect and a candidate with volumes of experience in government and diplomatic affairs.

    Tomorrow should be interesting reading the reichwing spin machine(s) churning out the meme Drumpf had a yuuuge win. I imagine Hannity, Ingram, O'Reilly, and the rest of the Faux Newsroom are already working on their lines for tonight and tomorrow.

    Gear up, grab a craft brew, and let the fun begin!

  10. Clinton 1... Trump 0

    Two more to go.

    Fact checking goes into overdrive.

  11. Possible post later. Possibly not.

    Big E day on tap for today.

  12. Fact check this you Liberal asshole,
    Tens of thousands of Democrats hate Hillary Clinton. Scratch that. Millions upon millions of Americans see Hillary Clinton for what she is: a snake. She has done almost more to hurt this country than Barrack Obsma did.

    Literally, no one trusts her, including myself.

  13. You certainly regurgitate the reichwing and Hannity tasking points well unknown. For that you receive our highest marks. On original thought and
    Independent analysis definitely not so much.

  14. Get s new line dope, the calling people by that name is not only stupid but it's so insulting even for a lowlife idiot like you.

    1. Welcome JSIR! We know that when the arrow is straight and true, and hits it target (rhetorically speaking), it results in discomfort or anger in those it highlights when it strikes.
      Thanks for confirming the truth of this point.

      Feel free to return when you have something original and of interest. Supporting links to your position are always welcome.

    2. Is "Joan Says It Right" any relation to "Anita Says It Right?" Or did Anita morph into Joan? It's so difficult to keep up with Lisa's sock puppets.


  15. RATional Nationsl USA has really become Liberal Asswipe . I guess that hanging around with a Progressive Bitch is contagi

    1. Why thank you so very much for dropping in IMO and sharing with us your innuendos, pointless blather, and name calling. It simply reinforces that you and the rest of the Trumpista and reichwing adherents really do have nothing, nothing at all to say that has any validity or credibility.

      But thanks again for dropping in.

    2. Looks like the RN Fan Club showed up grouchy after watching their debate hero reveal his arrogance and ignorance. His makeup wasn't bad, though.

    3. Yes indeed BB Idaho. I agree, the make up artists did a remarkable job on the Trumpy one. They did an outstanding job on HRC as well.

      The debate? Here it is in a nutshell as I view it.

      1) HCR won the debate, although she threw no knockout punches>. Trump was nervous, suffered dry mouth, ill prepared, rude and bullying with his interruptions, and came across doltish has hell.

      2) HRC was measured, in control of her emotions, presidential, and by far more knowledable than Trump.

      3) HRC stayed on message and Trump seem flummoxed 50% of the time. Due to his lack of knowledge and preparation.

      4) While both candidates acted as politicians do, stretching the truth to support their agenda and or record Trump was the least honest.

      Fact checking will be fun and I look forward to getting around to that and posting the facts at a later time. Facts the Trumpista and reichwing nut jobs will continue to ignore and scream the system is rigged against Trump. A bogus claim as al rational people understand. Facts are facts. Opinions are not facts.

    4. RN... so here's what I am hearing.

      1. Trump "won" the opening half hour or so, sticking to the economy and the Average Joe being unemployed.

      2. HRC won the rest, pointing out Trumps false statements and letting him go into an ego driven overdrive that showed how flummoxed he was.

      3. He had the sniffles all night, yet instead of just saying he had a cold, denied what we all heard on the tape and started another conspiracy idea, that his microphone was rigged.

      4. There's a good chance most of last night won't matter. People are set in stone already and all we can do is wait for November. And hope.

    5. I disagree only on #1. Trump in my view did not win the opening 1/2 hour.

  16. Hillary brought up his personal comments towards women 6that happened many years ago and that was addressed ONLY to Rosie O'Donnell, what options does he have but to defend or explain that? He could have brought up her Husbands conduct towards women while he was President including the BJ from Monica!

    Trump could have brought up countless quotes from insiders how cruel and nasty Hillary was to her secret service men or body guards or hired help, but he did not.

    Trump could have spoken of her wild eyed videos, her incapacity to even stand up on her own, her B.S. explanation for a 9 month coughing jag being pneumonia but he did not.

    The media is totally in bed with the democrats and consequently this nation is way too focused on how Trump is being defensive than they are on what exactly was said last night about the most important national issues. They keep saying Trump does not deal in specifics ---- but Hillary does??? She is going to heal relations between blacks and cops and instill trust just by saying it? She is going to give free college education by saying it? She did not dare speak of the 20 trillion dollar debt as though that has no bearing..

    And this Jerkoff " BBB I Don't know much". Thinks that the Douchbag Hilderbeast won... LMAO

    1. I refer you to my comment below... Cursing and off topic comments will NOT be published.

      I published this giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't see the comment before you left your remark. Consider yourself lucky.

  17. Opinion... what Bill Clinton did, or did not do in his private life, is not germane to Donald Trump and what he actually said. Bill Clinton is not running for President, HRC is.

    The problem with many conservatives is that they are mad at Bill, so they blame Hillary. So be it.

    But Hillary did not call women fat pigs or make fun of menstrual cycles, or make fun of women's weight. Donald trump did in his own words. Just as Donald Trump denied that President Obama is an American citizen and just as he said the "Chinese created" global warming.

    He may still win... I've said for months, he might. And then people that 8 years ago denigrated candidate Obama for lack of experience and for years have said "character matters' will have the president their hypocritical amigos desired. A President with no experience and no personal character.


    1. Well said Dave, and, I fully concur.

    2. Dave: "...8 years ago denigrated candidate Obama for lack of experience and for years have said "character matters..."

      Dave, we've witnessed, in all its hypocrisy, that experience and moral character means nothing to the people you speak of. If those attributes really mattered, they wouldn't be making excuses for a man who thinks running a country is like running a business -- any schoolchild knows that it is not, a man who knows nothing about our Constitution, and a man who is a serial adulterer, who actually bragged, on tape, about sleeping with other men's wives.

      IMO, those who support Trump while denigrating a dignified, faithful husband and loving father -- Mr. Obama -- show the world that their moral values are fungible when it comes to political expediency. IOW, they have no core values, only convenient excuses for supporting Trump, a conman and very good because he has an "R," recently acquired, beside his name.

  18. Trump's mic was rigged. So was his nose. I'm kinda in agreement with Dave Miller on the first half hour. Trump hit Hillary hard on trade. I didn't see the rest of it because my DVR screwed up. I did receive an email from WND's Joseph Farah (AKA Mustache man) titled "Arrrggghhhh! Hillary wins Round 1". According to Farash "I hate to say it, because I truly believe the election of Donald Trump is profoundly important for the future of the country, but Hillary cleaned his clock in the Great Debate".

    Re Donald Trump's sniffing... he's clearly sick and doesn't have long left to live.

  19. Cheif Trump shill Hannity, with his cast of sheeple, are quadrupling down on Trump's alternative reality play.

    Gullibility is not only alive and well in America it has apparently reached new heights. Trump and his surrogates are really working it at a fever pouch.

  20. Replies
    1. Very effective reply IMO. Apparently you went to Trump U?

      Thanks for stopping in. Don't let the door hit ya on your a*s.

  21. From the WSJ

    By Jason L. Riley
    Sept. 27, 2016 7:22 p.m. ET

    If you are Donald Trump, and six weeks before Election Day most voters still view Hillary Clinton as the safer Oval Office choice, you head into the first presidential debate with a simple objective. You must show people that you have the knowledge and temperament for the job.
    You know that average voters aren’t the only ones who remain skeptical of your qualifications. So are your peers. Top business executives at the nation’s largest companies backed Mitt Romney in 2012 but are sitting out this year’s campaign or supporting Mrs. Clinton. Well-regarded national security experts, such as former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, are also skeptical. Mr. Gates described you in these pages as “stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government, and temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform.” You know that the first debate will draw tens of millions of viewers and provide the best opportunity between now and the election to prove the doubters wrong.
    More by Jason Riley

    But you also know what’s in store. You know you will be asked about unreleased tax returns, high-profile police shootings and your repugnant birtherism. You know that Mrs. Clinton will come prepared with facts and figures and details and that it would be wise for you to do the same. You know the first female nominee of a major party is likely to bring up, among other things, your past remarks about women. You know she will provoke you but that you shouldn’t take the bait.

    If Mr. Trump had a strategy for winning Monday night’s face-off with Mrs. Clinton, it remains as secret as his plan to defeat Islamic State. The Republican nominee looked and sounded frighteningly unprepared. Split-screen shots showed him shifting his weight, rolling his eyes, impatient. Then he would open his mouth and make matters worse with rambling, self-centered responses that often trailed off into incoherence.

  22. Hillary came up with the same leftwing bleeding heart bullshit.

    Trump was very effective and as Hillary will have no more personal attacks left against Trump, Mr Trump will be all fired up, well organized and should easily win the next two debates! :

    1. Really?

      Effective how? In what way?

      Trump, is the master of insult and personal attacks against entire demographic groups as well as individuals he diagrees
      with. Yet the rightwing and Trumpista conveniently overlook this and even rationalize it as some sort of patriotism and defend it. What hypocrisy.

      Trump will likely crumble in debate #2 & #3. He is nothing but an ill prepared, lazy, and belligerent hot headed bully who will not stay on message.

      In short? He's soon to be relegated to the same bust bin of history Senator Joseph McCarthy was.

      Thanks for stopping in TRL. Enjoy the alternative reality of the Trumpista.

  23. RN... conversing with a troll? The Real Luke? Who's the fake one? The one without a blog, or the one with a blog? Because both have cribbed material from other sources without attribution and one of you has stolen, or borrowed an old avatar from a long ago friend TAO.

    Who knows who you are, if you even exist, if you are not five other bloggers from the Smut Hut, if you're not Tom, or TOM, or some other demented right winger.

    What we do know is you're clueless. The next debate is not even a debate, it's a town hall, where citizens get to ask the questions of each candidate. And believe me, HRC has plenty of material for the following encounters. We never got to Trumps Foundation violating the laws for self dealing when he paid legal settlements with charitable funds, mocked John McCain as a loser, made fun of a disabled person, essentially admitted to being a taker by paying no income taxes and boasted of being smarter than our military generals.

    The next few weeks will not be kind to Trump.

    And yet, he still may win. FL, OH and PA... whoever wins 2, wins the prize...

    1. I suppose you can call it conversing with a troll Dave. I call it giving him, whoever he is, the opportunity to once again put on display the rightwing's cluelessness (or willfull ignorant as I see it) so thoughtful people who use their intelligence (people like you Dave) can pont out the inaccuracies and hypocrisy in their BS.

    2. Dave Miller: Because both have cribbed material from other sources without attribution and one of you has stolen, or borrowed an old avatar from a long ago friend TAO.

      Luke told me he has conversations with TAO. Quoting a Luke comment from my Spam folder...

      "There you can *profanity*! Proof TOM commented at my blog. Don't you get tired of being proven wrong? What you don't know is TOM and I have had many discussions about the *profanity*s who attack blogs, like you. I learned the history of RN, Pam, Shaw, and other *profanity*s. So GO *profanity* YOURSELF LIAR!! I proved you wrong yet again!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I've also talked with TAO. Know who that is *profanity*? HA HA HA HA HA".

  24. As the the Trump Train continues to head down ther track toward it';s final wreckage point!

    This just in from Public Policy Polling

    Clinton Leads by 4 Nationally; Trump Hurt Himself in Debate

    PPP's new national poll finds Hillary Clinton leading by 4 points both in the full field of candidates, and in a head to head match up with Donald Trump. In the full field she gets 44% to 40% for Trump, 6% for Gary Johnson, 2% for Evan McMullin, and 1% for Jill Stein. She leads Trump 49/45 if voters had to choose just between the two of them.

    Monday night's debate was a big success for Clinton. 54% of voters think she won it, to only 31% who think Trump won. Beyond that simple fact it opened up several issues that may persist for the rest of the campaign:

    -The discussion about Trump's personal taxes in the debate has voters thinking several things that could prove very problematic for his ability to make a comeback in the final 40 days. Only 31% of voters think Trump pays his fair share of federal income taxes, to 52% who think he does not. 46% of voters nationally think that they personally pay more in federal income taxes than he does, to only 36% who think Trump pays more.

    Of course Trump could settle these issues in voters' minds by releasing his tax returns. And 62% of voters think he should do that to only 27% who don't think it's necessary for him to. But voters have a theory on why Trump might not want to release them: just 35% think Trump is as rich as he says he is.

    -For the most part when Donald Trump says or does something, his voters go along with it no matter what it is. But his criticism of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for gaining 'a massive amount of weight' is a step too far even for his core supporters. Overall just 17% of voters think it's acceptable for Trump to criticize her weight, to 65% of voters who say they think it's inappropriate. Even among Trump's voters just 29% stand by him on those comments, to 45% who say he's in the wrong

  25. Just for shitz and grins HERE and HERE is what the rightwing wingnuts have to say. Typical of the bottom feeders eh?


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