Thursday, August 19, 2010

Country Western Star Tells Palin to... Zip It!

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I have never been a huge country western fan. Enjoy some occasionally but prefer to stick with the blues and jazz.

Cheryl Crow is one performer of the genre I actually enjoyed. Even given her often outspoken (and usually wrong) political views. However after this recent politically motivated song in which she tells Sarah Palin to "zip it" I find myself re-thinking my support. Even given her obvious great looks and  voice.

This from News Busters:

Pop-singer Sheryl Crow has always been outspoken about her own political views, but now she's telling former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to zip it.
"I saw you ranting on TV today, I heard you tell me to reload. You got a lot of nerve to talk that way, someone unplug the microphone," sings Crow in her new anthem, "Say What You Want," which was released in late July.

The angsty, politically-charged song makes plenty of references to "kool-aid drinking," "talking heads" and, of course, "ignorance."

"I'm tired of all the fighting, cynicism and back biting. Can't even hear myself think, you pour the kool-aid and then we drink," sings Crow of Palin.

The Grammy Award-winning songstress makes it clear what she thinks of conservative views, crooning sarcastically that "Ignorance is patriotic, reasons are so idiotic."

More from the progressive left in it's attempt to shut down any viewpoints in opposition to their own.

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  1. All they do is preach to their ever shrinking choir.
    The rest of us have seen the man behind the mask.


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