Friday, September 25, 2009

Words of Liberty

During these times of ever encroaching government, accompanied by a corresponding loss of individual liberties reminders of America as it should be are appropriate. During these times of indoctrination of our children in the almost worship like devotion of President Obama, these words are surely needed. During these times when the mere questing of the President's policies is somehow considered wrong, and those who do are considered right wing nut cases, these words are profoundly needed. During these times when our nation's leader seems to have forgotten what our interests are, these words are needed.

The enlightened wisdom, and deep understanding of the potential perils that lay ahead for our republic in it's founding days should be taught our children at home, and in our schools. Sadly it is no longer taught in our schools' and it is reasonable to think it is perhaps no longer understood as well. All across this great land left to us by our founding fathers we should be celebrating our inherent goodness as proud Americans rather than apologizing for giving more to this world than any nation prior to us ever did.

Rational Nation USA leaves you with the following written words from profound thinkers and individualists from a more rational time.

A time that still brings tears to my eyes every time I view this. What is America losing, indeed what has it already lost?

On rights and liberty as one of our enlightened founding fathers saw it. It is still true today over 233 years later.

Good day my fellow patriots.

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