Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

Rational Nation USA was planning to post some further thoughts on the horrific speech given by our Imperial President at the United Nations (aka The Gang of the Hopeless). While browsing the news I came across a National Review Online article by Robert Costa, whose source is Ann Bayefsky, a senior fellow with the Hudson Institute and executive director of Human Rights Voices, who said it all. The thoughts are concise and insightful. Read this outstanding article here.

The Indoctrination of Our Children

In the video below you will see school children being taught the praises of Our Imperial President. Rational Nation USA is quite sure this is the plan across America for proper socialist/statist indoctrination of our youth. The Christ/Obama comparison and the obvious attempt to influence these kids are despicable at best.

Could His (the Imperial President) Plan Be?

Perhaps the anointed one has a grand plan. Having gained the Presidency of the United States of America he has systematically; pushed the the most radical socialist/statist agenda ever, partially nationalized the auto industry, presided over huge anti capitalist bailouts, overseen caps on executive bonuses (how long before the salaries of us all), apologized the world over (since yesterday's abominable speech) for America , sang the praises of the collective over the individual (did you catch it in yesterdays speech?), and found it useful to throw our allies under the bus, namely eastern Europe and Israel.

Perhaps it is his plan to bring our great nation to the level of those nations he apparently believes holds the higher moral ground and posses superior  ethical standards. You know, the ones that threaten Israel with extinction, the ones that have the most hideous human rights violations, (notice no mention of this in his speech at UN), and those nations with the most oppressive governments.

Perhaps he has decided the most enlightened and effective way to bring about harmony throughout the world is for the United States to renounce it's values and begin compromising with proven evil, all in the name of fairness, equality, and world peace. Of course he is to be forgiven, being the Imperial President, if he does not yet realize that when good (that would be America) compromise with evil the compromise serve only to strenghthen the evil and diminish the good. Perhaps he will realize this when its to late. Or Perhaps he believes acting in such manner will endear him to the rest of the world and increase his own power. Anyone hearing one world government?

These thoughts are what could be, if We The People, and free people the world over do not wake up to the dangers this President is placing before us. This freedom loving American Patriot is hoping we can turn the tide before it washes over us.

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