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Jon Huntsman... A Consevative Candidate Worth Considering

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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Jon Huntsman

Rational Nation USA has posted on just about every republican presidential hopeful in the field. All unflattering for the most part. Ron Paul being the single exception. Until today.

While this site remains supportive of, and advocates for Ron Paul's candidacy Jon Huntsmen offers a second choice for those, who like me, can barely stomach Newtie, Mittens, Ricky, or Mr Fine Hair.

Jon Huntsman has a wealth of experience as a ambassador, trade representative, and governor of the conservative state of Utah. He has by more credentials as a conservative than Mittens or Newtie. This is clearly illustrated in an article in The State, South Carolina's Homepage Sunday edition.

AFTER MONTHS of flirting with candidates who considered inexperience an asset, obstinance and vitriol a virtue and extremism — even flakiness — a job requirement, Republican voters seem to be settling down. Increasingly, they are rallying around a grownup who has impressive experience as a chief executive, in and out of government, and a history of making things work rather than pursuing ideological fetishes. Yet nearly two-thirds of Republican primary voters still reject Mitt Romney, and his opponents are convinced they can raise that number by screaming: “Moderate! Moderate! Moderate!”

You’d think that even if they don’t like it, those on the extremes would respect the fact that those of us in the sensible center decide general elections — and seek out a candidate who appeals to us. But the unhealthy demand for ideological purity obscures a hopeful fact about the GOP presidential field: There are actually two sensible, experienced grownups. And while Mr. Romney is far more appealing than any of the other choices, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is more principled, has a far more impressive resume and offers a significantly more important message.

Both men get tagged “moderate,” but for different reasons. Mr. Romney is a technocrat, a business leader who focuses on getting the job done. As governor, that meant governing in a way that suited Massachusetts. Today the job is winning the presidency, and if that means “evolving” in his views as the primary electorate swings further right, and running away from his signature accomplishment as governor, so be it.

Mr. Huntsman is a true conservative, with a record and platform of bold economic reform straight out of the free-market bible, but he’s a realist, whose goal is likewise to get things done. Under his leadership, Utah led the nation in job creation, and the Pew Center on the States ranked it the best-managed state in the nation.

He also is head and shoulders above the field on foreign policy. He served as President George H.W. Bush’s U.S. ambassador to Singapore and President George W. Bush’s deputy U.S. trade representative and U.S. trade ambassador, and the next entry on that resume is even more impressive: He was a popular and successful governor in an extremely conservative state, well positioned to become a leading 2012 presidential contender, when Mr. Obama asked him to serve in arguably our nation’s most important diplomatic post, U.S. ambassador to China. It could be political suicide, but he didn’t hesitate. As he told our editorial board: “When the president asks you to serve, you serve.”

We don’t agree with all of Mr. Huntsman’s positions; for but one example, he championed one of the nation’s biggest private-school voucher programs. And with George Will calling him the most conservative candidate and The Wall Street Journal editorial page endorsing his tax plan, independent voters might find less to like about his positions than, say, Mr. Romney’s or Newt Gingrich’s.

What makes him attractive are the essential values that drive his candidacy: honor and old-fashioned decency and pragmatism. As he made clear Wednesday to a room packed full of USC students on the first stop of his “Country First” tour, his goal is to rebuild trust in government, and that means abandoning the invective and reestablishing the political center. {Read More

For those not comfortable with Ron Paul Mr. Huntsman is certainly worth considering. He is by far a better and more qualified candidate than any of the remaining clowns in the big "R' circus tent.

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  1. I have really begun to like Huntsman in the past few weeks. I think he would be a great VP choice too.

  2. I have liked him more and more since the second NH debate and so does the misses. He sounded like the only grown-up on the stage that morning. I don't think he has enough time to mount an attack Mittens, but if enough anybody-but-mitt crowd can rally around Huntsman then maybe we can get an actual conservative in the WH. It is a terrible thing that the bouncing ball didn't get to Huntsman sooner, but maybe a good showing in SC maybe just the kick start his campaign needs.

  3. I don't know if he's willing to throw out enough red meat for the base. That's the only thing. But, yeah, he's definitely an attractive candidate.

  4. Well folks, we now have a field of three circus clowns and Ron Paul. Of course with Paul in double digits and gaining the real game is just beginning.

    However, the republicrat power base (and Wall Street)already has it rigged to Romney.


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