Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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The following is the work of The Lincoln Project. A group of patriotic republicans working inform and further bring to light the authoritarian dictatorial character of Donald J. Trump. The material is presented exactly as The Lincoln Project published it.

June 1, 2020

The Lincoln Project recognizes the long and distinguished national service of General Milley and honors him for it. Likewise, the Lincoln Project appreciates the service of Secretary of Defense Esper. Nevertheless, their participation in the infamous events of June 1st was an egregious lapse in judgement, and they should resign their offices.
On that day, in front of the White House, the People’s House, Americans exercising their first amendment rights to speech and assembly were assaulted, tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed and beaten on the direct orders of the Attorney General of the United States.
The purpose of this assault was not done in the name of public safety, but to clear a path for President Donald Trump to appear in front of St John’s Episcopal Church to be photographed holding a Bible.
During this 45-minute spasm of violence, the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Bible, and historic St. John’s Church were desecrated by President Trump. He was accompanied by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.
Secretary Esper claimed ignorance, stating: “I didn’t know where I was going.” He should have. His excuse is unacceptable for the man who serves as the civilian leader of the American military. It would be unacceptable for a 19-year-old rifleman.
Esper’s comments to governors earlier that day about controlling the “battlespace,” otherwise known as the streets of American cities, were appalling and represented a chilling lack of awareness of his duties and the role of the US military in American society.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff chose to accompany the president wearing his ACU (Army Combat Uniform.) General Milley surveyed the scene of the assault as if he was assessing recently secured territory on a battlefield.
It is unacceptable for the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to ever participate in political stunts. The events of June 1st will linger in infamy: 45 minutes of authoritarian theater culminating in an outbreak of violence against Americans peacefully exercising their rights.
The presence of the Secretary and Chairman at this ignominious event assaults the apolitical traditions of the US Military and has transformed them into political partisans. Their complicity is dangerous; it undermines the faith of the American people in the armed forces of the United States and politicizes the defense of the nation.
Honor and fidelity to their oaths require them to accept responsibility for their misjudgments but also to rebuke the conduct of the actions and manipulation of the United States military for Donald Trump’s political purposes. They must set an example. Their duty requires it. They must resign.
Very Respectfully,
The Lincoln Project
June 3, 2020
June 3, 2020-The Lincoln Project’s latest video, “War Zone,” released today, lays bare the state of the nation under President Donald Trump’s regime. In this moment of upheaval and unrest, our country needs real leadership.
“Donald Trump has completely failed at governing,”said George Conway, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “He’s no longer hiding that he’s a brazen authoritarian, so desiring of control and power that he’s willing to turn our once peaceful cities into war zones for his own political gain, at the direct expense of American lives.”
Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said, “Donald J. Trump has no qualms about inciting violence and mayhem, from the safety of his White House bunker. In an explicit show of totalitarianism, he has taken the U.S. military and police forces and mobilized them against our own citizens. The United States must choose: America or Trump?”
No American should live in fear due to the color of their skin, their political affiliation, or their religion. Donald J. Trump has taken the side of the oppressor and the American people have made it clear they will not stand.The Lincoln Project will fight to protect all Americans and our democracy and ensure that Donald J. Trump is not re-elected come November, and Joe Biden is sworn into office come January.


  1. In 2019 Cops killed 20 unarmed Whites and 10 unarmed Blacks.

    This year, some bad cops killed a Black man in Minnesota. They have been arrested and charged with murder.

    Fuck Colin Kapernick and fuck Reparations fuck the looters. And Fuck the Progressives

    1. Well, it must give you a fine feeling being an idiot as well as a flaming card carrying racist extraordinaire.

      The determination to leave your moronic ignorant racist inspired post was done only to expose the trumroid rights evil non Christian sentiments.


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    1. Off topic nonsensical BS. AUTOMATIC DELETION.

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    3. Off topic nonsensical BS. Immediare deletion.

  3. RN... man, lots of commenting here, but nothing of substance.

    Look, I know you're okay with differences in opinion. Heck, we don't always agree. Where I'm struggling is why certain folks can't have a disagreement and keep it civil. It seems so easy. I've never seen BB swear, or AOW or Silver, both strong conservatives. But it seems as if there is a portion of our society who are just unable to express themselves without resorting to cussing and words that would make our grandparents blush were it uttered in public.

    Just sayin' RN... keep blogging and have a cold craft beer for me, if they are still in business in your neck of the woods.

    1. Since I had 2 stents inserted in my left front descending artery (widow maker) due to a 95% blockage I limit myself to 4 6 oz glasses of red wine a week and never more than 2 in a single day.

      As for Silver, I once had respect for him. I'll leave it at that. Other than to say he's not a completely truthful individual.

      Whether I keep blogging or not is being considered. Frankly I find cons insufferable, among other things. And I struggle wuth progressives although they are by and large far mote logical than cons.

      Truth is blogging is basically unnecessary noise and distraction in ones life. Since I am working on elimination noise and distractions from my life blogging may end up on the chopping block.

      I am considering going silent and underground.

  4. There is an incipient rebirth of logic and sanity. A blog I
    follow is non political, run by a small bookshop owner with
    a PhD in philosophy-writes about books. She was a life long
    Republican and seemingly socially progressive. She burst from
    the world of literature a few days back:
    "This is a message I sent to our Republican U.S. Representative this morning:

    "Thank you for supporting the benefits of National guard members, as I asked in my last e-mail. What I ask now is that you and other Republicans stand up for our troops against a president who would use them as personal bodyguards, attacking peaceful demonstrators so he can have his picture taken holding up a Bible he has never read in front of a church he has never attended.

    "This president has NEVER been "conservative." He has been nothing but destructive and divisive from the start, beginning with his campaign and should not be permitted to disgrace the American military. It is time for the Republican Party to stop enabling his madness -- or become nothing more than a tragic historical footnote.

    "Thank you!"

    This is the only country we have, the only world we have."

    (she got her very first profane-laced reply. From that
    well known garbage writer by the name of Anonymous)

  5. Here's what makes the Lincoln Project videos so effective. Trump lives to keep at, betting that at 3pm Tuesday, no one will remember what he said at 8am Monday.

    Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and the rest of this team succeed because they simply focus on Trump's own words. In effect, forcing people to remember and think about what our president has said.

    1. All good stuff BB and Dave. But see I have at this point zero faith that the GOP, the republican evangelicals, or the trump "conservatives will ever recognize the evil they are responsible for unleashing on this nation. Nor do I believe they even care.

      So the underground may be the only recourse.

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    1. Off topic nonsensical BS is deleted always.

      BTW, if intelligence were currency you'd be flat broke contard man.


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