Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Rational Voioce Ftrom the Dwindling Ethical Right...

One of the Libertarian right with the most compelling argument FOR impeachment and removal of presidfent DJT we've heard yet.

Any bets on whether the DJT right wing conservatives/libertarian cultist will take heed?

We're betting they absolutely will NOT.

h/t: Progressive Eruptions


  1. RN... remember, once a GOP member, Libertarian, or any other person shifts and sides against Trump, see Justin Amash, they become a persona non grata RINO commie libtard.

    There is no space for anyone to be able to look at Pres Trump's behavior or actions and conclude he needs to go.

    To do so is to be a traitor to the cause.

    1. A traitor to the cause

      What Reagan began, and I paraphrase, a republican is to never say a negative (bad) thing about another republican has been taken to the absurd by Trump and his cultists.

      As I see it their "cause" is to first dismantle our founding principles and then destroy our republic.

  2. Your post here is long, less than factual, and, as a result uninteresting.

    But we sincerely hope YOU feel much better having got that rant off your chest.

    Have a safe trip back to the looney.irrational, trumper right-tard sites.

  3. Well Real... are you interested in what you've written, or are you just coming by to scream about stuff and leave?

    Real folks discuss, persuade and converse in civil language. If you can do that, maybe we could have some adult dialogue.

  4. I'm happy for real dude and our wonderful greatest ever economy. But here in the real world,
    mfg. jobs are down. Our hospital, a catholic non-profit was bought up by a big private hospital
    corporation which was in turn taken over by an even bigger corporation. To meet the high prices of
    the 'efficiency' of the private sector (eg. each layer of 'assistance' requires $$) a large percentage
    of costs has been sucked up and away. So, the senior nursing staff was cut, some surgery was cut and
    the big boys got in a fight with Blue Cross insurance, so that 40% of patients cannot be admitted.
    Meanwhile, the Mrs. buys bags of groceries each week and takes them to the local food bank, along with
    a few hundred pounds donated by the church. Both large factories had layoffs, the only job in the paper
    is for a printing press expert at $10/hr and we taxpayers are spending our money on farmers who have no
    market and coal mines with coal no one wants. Trumpenomics: cut taxes on the rich and corporations and brag.
    Presently the US national debt is at 106% GPD (between Bhutan and Dijbuti!) How fortunate we are not to be
    in those hideous socialist countries (you know, universal healthcare and much cheaper: regulated workplaces
    and quality old age care. Their debt? Sweden 38, Norway 36 Denmark 34 and Switzerland 27 percent of GDP.
    Regarding Real's simplistic definition of communism, a case could be made that the current GOP is actually a
    communist front organization. We recall 'Russia, hack her e-mail'. They obliged, her polls dropped significantly,
    though her e-mail was harmless, and she lost while getting almost 3 million votes more than whatshisname, her
    opponent. I hope this meets the civil language requirement. :)

  5. BB-IdahoSun Dec 08, 09:56:00 AM EST

    "I'm happy for real dude and our wonderful greatest ever economy. But here in the real world,
    mfg. jobs are down"


    1. Why Good Morning SIL!...

      Thanks for stopping by with more trumpian high fives. Ya know, delusions are a wonderful way to avoid the reality that Trump's ballooning deficits and federal debt increases WILL come home to roost.

      When they do, and they eventually will, we hope you do not commit the unthinkable and off yourself when it ALL comes crashing down. And it will.

      Of course Trump will be out of office, having used his office to enrich himself and his brand. Leaving the cleanup to a REAL president. And future generations.

      But please, enjoy your fantasies and delusions. You have swallowed hook line and sinker the trumpian conservative libertarian evangelical BS.

      Have a marvelous day SIL!

  6. Replies
    1. Note to TRDM... We do appreciate your persistence. However, nothing about your blathering i'll informed rants warrants their posting. But, in the interest of exchange we shall leave your rambling cultist trumpian boilerplate BS up for all who visit to read.

      If nothing else your cultist like support for the human fecal matter now stinking up America will surely bring comic relief to sane folks during otherwise dull days.

      So, thanks for stopping by. Be sure not to let the door hit your ass when you leave.

    2. You think that YOU are so cute don't you.
      Well I and SO MANY OTHERS think that you are a asshole, and don't bother leaving my posts here. I'll delete them for you.

  7. The only reason why I bothered was because of Dave Miller's saying this:
    Dave Miller Sat Dec 07, 07:43:00 PM EST

    " Well Real... are you interested in what you've written, or are you just coming by to scream about stuff and leave?

    Real folks discuss, persuade and converse in civil language. If you can do that, maybe we could have some adult dialogue."

  8. We notice that certain type commenters have no blogger profile. Through fear or shame they choose to
    remain anonymous. We attribute that to worship of their chosen one who is too afraid or too ashamed to
    release his taxes. We surmise that if one has nothing to say about themselves, they have nothing to say
    about anything. Grain of salt of the blogosphere, insignificant and an embarrassment to the University
    of FoxNooz. By publishing them you add a lot of humor to your post...

    1. It is humorous that these folks have nothing to say beyond regurgitating right-wing lunacy.

      Trump is the result of lots of folks who felt disenfranchised and wanted change. Some of their concerns were of course legitimate. And, although Trump is a horribly flawed human being with serious narcissistic and sociopathic issues, bot all of his efforts or policies have been bad.

      However, his attack on honesty, the free and independent legitimate press, our democratic institutions, the constitution, his abuse of power, bribery of a foreign power (quid pro quo/Ukraine), obstruction of congress, and the list goes on, NEGATES whatever good any of his policies may have acheived.

      The "man" is a wrecking ball disseminating confusion and dissension while sowing seeds of hatred and contempt for the vision of our founders.

      In short the demagogue (Trump) has created a cult of personality that has never before existed in our democratic republjc. It's purpose? To topple our constitutional republic and head the nation down the authoritarian path to a dictatorship.With Trump, or a Trump approved udiot running the show.

      We are at a crossroads. Which road we take in 2020 will determine our future. Let's work to do the right thing and hope Trump is gone one way or the other in January 2020.

  9. Very interesting that you would say that Mr, BB being that you don’t even have a Blog yourself.

  10. Very interesting that you think your point actually has a... POINT.

    Merry Christmas


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