Thursday, May 10, 2018

tRump Proving HIS america Can Not Be Trusted...

Trump is a Republican and we're happy to let Republicans own him.

Cartoon by Actor and Comedian, Jim Carrey

h/t: Progressive Eruptions , be sure to click on Progressive Eruptions to read the article.


  1. Thanks for the link, Les. Glad you're back to blogging here.

    Bolton is saber rattling saying war with Iran is almost inevitable. It's not, the Iran deal, imperfect though it was, was keeping a lid on that country. Trump has no Plan B now that he's alienated our allies and shown the world that America's word is never to be trusted again.

  2. If Trump does go to war with Iran, he'll be attacking a country much larger and more unified than Iraq was, without the help of our main allies, who were parties to the nuclear deal and know that this conflict is completely unnecessary.

    Every country in the world now knows that American commitments are worthless as long as Trump is in office. One more reason why he needs to be out of office as soon as possible. I don't believe even Pence would have committed a blunder like this.

    1. I agree completely Infidel. As concerning as Pence and his domestic agenda might be were he president I don't think he is this stupid when it comes to diplomacy and foreign relations.

      Yes, tRump has to go and we all should hope it happens soon.

    2. BTW, I don't think tRump will start a war with Iran. But he might encourage Israel to do so promising Nuttyyahoo full support, including boots on the ground.

      The world is now a more dangerous place.

  3. John (the dolt) Bolton is right on this one IMO. After all tRump had telegraphed beyond the shadow of doubt he would scrap the deal during the presidential campaign. Bolton, a well known war monger, has no doubt been telling tRump scrapping the agreement is in the USA's best interests.

    Now Israel and Iran are trading missle strikes as tensions in the Mid East have nearly reached the boiling point. Something tRump is likely not even remotely self aware enough to realize he bears responsibility for. He really hasn't a clue.

    1. America will be trusted again Shaw, after tRump is gone. I think the sane nations know he is an incompetent self serving narcissist. However, it will take time and depend on the American electorate electing leaders that are both competent and trustworthy. It really falls on us, the voters.


  4. I'm liking the art that Jim Carrey is posting to Twitter.


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