Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Gentlemanly Snubbing By Rubio...

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"I have my own identity. I have my own positions on issues," Marco Rubio said. | Getty

Can ya blame the guy? Another GOP'er with some principles.

POLITICO Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is not campaigning with Donald Trump in the battleground state of Florida, but he says he has his reasons.

"It's not that I'm looking to undermine him, but I think the differences between us on key issues are so significant that I just don't plan to campaign — I've got to run my own race," Rubio told CNN in a live interview Wednesday.

Rubio announced earlier in the day that he had changed his mind and will seek reelection for his Senate seat, which he had previously said he would not do at the outset of his Republican presidential campaign. In explaining his reasoning behind not campaigning with Trump, Rubio said it had not changed from before he decided to seek reelection.

"I have my own identity," he continued. "I have my own positions on issues, and I'm not going to be out there undermining him or anything of that nature because I don't want Hillary to win, but I really think I need to tell people what I'm going to do as a senator as opposed to, kind of, and that was going to be the case irrespective of whether I ran."

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  1. If more people, and especially politicians, stood by their principles, we wouldn't be in the condition we're in.

  2. Principles? Here's just a couple of his statements clearly saying he is not running for reelection. No hedging, nothing. You think he will pledge to serve his entire 6 year term?

    Principled would have been to have stuck by his word.

    "I'm running for president of the United States. I intend to see that process through to the end. I intend to be the nominee. If that doesn't work out, I've told everyone very clearly: January of next year I will either be the president of the United States or I will be a private citizen. And if I never hold elected office again, I'm comfortable with that."

    "I'll finish out my term in the Senate. We're going to work really hard here. We have some things we want to achieve. Then I'll be a private citizen in January."

    1. Got me. I Guess upon further refection he changed his mind.

  3. Re: Principle...

    All of the GOP candidates signed a pledge to support the GOP nominee. If they have decided not to support Mr Trump, after signing the pledge, what principles do they have? Is their word their word? Their signature is on the document isn't it?

    If they were going to hedge on trump, they should have said everyone but him, but they didn't.

  4. Rubio is distancing himself, obviously out of political considerations at tis point.

    Rubio certainly will lose credibility. Perhaps he realized belatedly just how bad Trump is?

    At any rate his silence is deafening. I'm pretty sure he'll vote for Trump. That's support, right?

  5. Crap like Lynch’s plea for compassion begs the question: Does she actually believe the bull shit her boss tells her?

    1. A) Using inappropriate language on this weblog does not comply with site regulations Please refer to before posting in future.

      B) One must assume the AG in fact believes the policies of the administration she serves are correct. If she does not she likely expressed disagreement in private meetings with the president.

      C) It is indeed odd you ask this question. Since it is clearly documented that Trump, presumably your "man", has told the truth only 90% or less of the time he opens his yap.

  6. Luckily Mr morality, Mr. FT aka Free Stinkie the "Poet " of the Porn Queen's informas blog thinks every thing that America has ever done was just fine, and dandy.. Even slavery in America was fine according to Mr. Free Stinkie, thankfully his computer went the way of the garbage dump, where it belongs.
    And we have been spared the likes of ghostly, grotesquely, horrible poems . For at least the time being.
    Thank God for little things. And for people with "little hands."

    1. FreeThinke, or the opinion one has of him, really has no bearing on this post. Nor does the size of ones hands.

  7. But he thinks the worst of you.. I have see him say things about you that would make. Call Girl blush.

    1. To crib Rhett Butler... Frankly my dear I don't give a damn.

      FreeThinke is free to think and or say anything he wishes to abut me. On his now defunct weblog or on any other weblog that he wishes.

      Now, should there be any further comments about FreeThinke on this thread they will be deleted, post haste.

  8. David, you are discussing politicians and you throw in principles. They have none and are the slime of the earth so you can do away with referring to any of them as having principles or being honest or representing the American people.
    That being said, Marco should be one the stage with -H- and he would beat her, but then again she could only beat trump and cruz so that is not saying much for Marco.
    He is allowed to change his mind and run and I am glad he is running. All politicians signed a pledge to uphold the constitution and that goes by the wayside at the first opportunity. Rubio said he would support the nominee not campaign or speak out for them.

  9. @ skudrunner - David, you are discussing politicians and you throw in principles. They have none and are the slime of the earth so you can do away with referring to any of them as having principles or being honest or representing the American people.

    This joke may be appropriate and sum up the feelings of many.

    What do you call a 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start.

    It is a very sad statement you make, but it is one I agree with. Perhaps it's time the American people rethink their voting preferences.

  10. I guess I choose to believe that someone, of good character, and desiring to do good, can indeed run for and be elected to office. If we truly believe, as many have expressed, that anyone in politics is tainted, lying, without principle and perhaps evil incarnate, then we really are done for.

  11. Broad brush strokes intended to paint everyone the same as a small subset of a larger group is always wrong. Certainly not every politician is a lying evil person without principles. However some, while m not tainted when first elected, allow themselves to be influenced by those of stronger personalities who are ot principled. The key is in identifying both and voting them out of office.

    Our congress and senate have a dismal approval rating, yet we continue to elect individuals that only seem to add to the distrust and contempt. IMO two word describe the problem, Blind Partisanship. I could be wrong.

  12. I like Marco Rubio. My liberal friends without any doubt would think that I was nuts to say so. It wouldn't bother me. I just think that he sounds intelligent and he probably has a lot to offer as a public servant. His time was not 2016. The republican party is in shambles. Tatters. Perhaps guys like Rubio can help pick up the pieces and put something back together that has meaning. Ha Ha! Just kidding.

    Who could blame him for not campaigning with Trump? He might as well come out in a loud, yellow suit with a matching top hat and a walking stick and start doing some fancy tap dancing. Does he have any musical talent? Trump doesn't even need an emcee. He only needs a vacuum to fill up with hot air.

    Now I might enjoy seeing Trump take the stage with Sarah Palin in Alaska. But what politician ever wasted his time campaigning in Alaska? Oh yeah. Nixon gave a speech in Anchorage November 6th, 1960.


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