Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Poem...

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As we prepare for the Memorial Day weekend of picnics, and time away from work for many, please take a moment to reflect on the meaning of and reason for this holiday.

A time for remembrance. A time to honor, And, a time for contemplation. As civilized as we like to believe we are the historical record of man's existence suggests otherwise.


  1. That's funny coming from an anti-Semite, Ayn Rand communist like you.

  2. Your ignorance TOM is only exceeded by your hate.

    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend little buddy.

  3. At my age I had the opportunity to work alongside WWII combat vets. To a man, they felt the heros were their buddies who didn't make it back.
    'It was a job, that's all' was their story. But the guy who walked into Dachau retained a hollow-eyed look, the guy who froze his feet at the Bulge couldn't forget his battalion commander, killed while scouting (it wasn't his damned job, for Chrissakes), the little guy who parachuted onto Bataan, whose job as scout left him glancing this way and that and the several, whose sudden attacks of the shakes were not PTSD, but malarial relapses. Yeah, I'll be remembering those guys this weekend. What a privilege to have hung out with, worked with and
    known a few of the Greatest Generation.

  4. One of my great uncles was one of those men of whole you speak. He was a member of a tank battalion at the battle of the Bulge. He, and others I knew that served, were all exceptional people. For reasons many today don't fully understand.

  5. Since you thought it was a "time for contemplation," what did you think about President Obama's Hiroshima Speech
    On Memorial Day? , I thought it was Horrible,, disgusting, and a slap in the face for every American. Just about as bad as it gets..
    How sbout your opinion!

  6. Actually, I have not heard the speech as yet. We are entertaining our young grandchildren this weekend and for now they are the focus. I'll let you know after I hear and objectively analyze the speech.

    BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what specifically are your reasons you found it horrible, disgusting, and so revolting?

    1. I see you have declined to respond to my inquiry. No surprise really and it is as I expected. That aside I will do as I said I would.

      I listened to the presidents' speech without any preconceived notions or ideas and with a mind concerned only with what I would hear. I also listened with a philosophical and moral perspective rather than a political or ideological one.

      What I heard was truth as well an understanding of both mankind's (humankind's for the PC sensitive) failings throughout its history and its potential for good. What the President said was true and it demonstrated his capacity to understand the broader picture. For anyone to NOTrecognize the positive message he spoke is frankly to indicate their inability to see mankind advancing beyond 1946 and the brutality of war and modern day capacity for mass destruction.

      So there you have it LNB.


  7. I honestly believe that Mr. Free Stinker is not only delusional, but he is also depressed because the party he belongs to, the TGOP -- is now supporting a consummate asshat, and that would make anyone lash out at the oppression and make all those insane comments as he does. Or write all those dumb ass poems that only he thinks are "cute".
    So let's no be too hard on the poor soul.

  8. FreeThinke may very well have another anonymous POS stealing his avatars and identity. He has made such a claim several times, and I think he may be credible on that.

    FreeThinke and me do not agree on much as he is far too socially conservative in my estimation. You are correct however he has become quite edgy. I believe this is happening because his intelligence is advising against supporting Trump (Drumpf) yet his feelings and extreme dislike (hate) for HRC are pushing him to vote Trump (Drumpf). He is suffering a severe case of cognitive dissonance IMNHO.

    But I must say FreeThinke is very likely NOT a POS. He simply has
    back himself in a corner he too proud (and stubborn) to back himself out if.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. In any case this post was not, and is not about FreeThinke. Any further comments about him will not be released.

  11. In any case this post was not, and is not about FreeThinke. Any further comments about him will not be released.

  12. Your a Sick Dude, how come you constantly come down on Trump and never say a peep about that phoney crooked lying SOB Hillary?

    1. You obviously have not been paying attention. I've said it before but just for you JBG I'll say it again.

      Neither Trump or HRC are, in my opinion, worthy of the office of the President of the United States. However, Drumpf is the most dishonest, narcissistic, xenophobic, and fascistic candidsate to ever seek the office. His dishonesty outstripped HRC by a mile and the data is there to prove it`. If YOU take the tie to look. Obviously you have not.

      In any case this post was not, and is not about HRC or Drumpf. Any further comments about him will not be released.


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