Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trump Accuses Cruz Of a Federal Crime...

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Given Trump's almost immediate response to his shellacking in Wisconsin it is clear The Donald is a very sore loser. Resorting once again to name calling, as well as levelling serious and unsubstantiated claims against Rafael (Ted) Cruz, Trump displays his lack of presidential polish. Believing Trump is presidential material is almost to defy reason.

So far, we've seen Donald Trump be gracious on election night once. That was the night of Feb. 1, after Trump unexpectedly lost Iowa to Ted Cruz. No one knew how Trump would react, and Trump came out and presented a new Donald. Calm, brief, gracious. Then, within a day or two, he started accusing Cruz of having stolen the election, setting up his long-standing critique of Cruz as "Lyin' Ted."

After he lost Wisconsin on Tuesday night, it was the non-gracious Trump that appeared, in the form of a statement about how Cruz won the state.

There's a lot of bitterness and anger in there -- no doubt in part the product of having to still be slogging through random states in an increasingly desperate push to get to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. That's got to be annoying to a guy who doesn't even have to show up in the studio to be interviewed on TV.

Hopefully as the campaign slogs on more republicans and conservatives will begin to see beneath the surface Teflon that has obviously covered Trump during the campaign and see him for the person he really is. An extremely flawed individual with very questionable principles and values.

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  1. And you'll see no proof, as Trump has none. Taking a page from today's conservatives, if Trump loses, just like when McCain and Romney did, he will claim the election was stolen.

    Extremist right wingers cannot believe they are getting beat at the polls, so they resort to the "stolen election" dodge.

    I guess it's easier than saying America just ain't that much into you...

  2. A bunch of hive insects rallying behind their respectve alpha troglodytes. Reminds me of an old sci-fi about giant grasshoppers.

    For my part, I will be annoucing a yard sale soon; must travel light these days. Where to go from here? I don't know. But I'm outa here!

    1. 4Sale: About a dozen t-shirts, never used, each with eight sleeves. Contact Octopus.

    2. Are they able to be altered for two armed creatures?

  3. They all coordinate with their superPACs. As Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart showed, the laws regarding superPACs are a joke.

  4. Whatevah.

    Getting rid of Citizens United is a necessity as a first step.

  5. I hear Costa Rico is nice (O)CT(O)PUS.

    Wonder if they have giant grasshoppers?

    America is indeed confirming the self fulfilling prophesy.

  6. Most of this year's election has been like a circus, but Cruz is not a part of the circus. He's something really dangerous. I hope Trump can take him down.


  7. Indeed the GOP primary season has been a circus of clowns Jersey, Drumpf is the head clown, chef narcissist, and the party's flaming demagogue.

    Cruz is snake in the weeds, waiting to strike and inject his venom into the national body politic.

    Don't worry Jersey, neither will be president. America can't be that naive or stupid. Can they?

  8. I think Willis Hart would definitely rather see a president Trump over a president Sanders. Hillary, he thinks she's going to be indicted for her emails and go to prison (so it can't be her).

  9. Personally, I don't know anybody who would leave their beloved home based upon the outcome of any election. Leaders come and go. They change history, sometimes for the better; sometimes regrettably and inexorably very much for the worse. The ship of state turns more slowly than does the largest ocean liner that Cunard could ever build. Yet there does come a turning point.

    The guy at Dixieline Lumber swore he would retire early and move to Arizona when eight democrats swept every high office in California in 2010.

    I could hardly get out of bed when Bush was re-elected in 2004. I was literally sickened. I was seriously ill.

    Supposedly many republicans considered leaving when Obama was elected to a second term. Where ya gonna go?

    If I hear one more idiot say that they would rather have Trump as president...

    But since things have been deteriorating at a rapid pace since the inception of this new millennium, Octo, if you really are serious, I hope you would consider Baja California. There is a community of American ex-pats that live on the beach. You can't own land, but you lease it. Your money is multiplied by a factor of four or five. Many of the Americans living in Baja have legal problems. But you could re-enter the U.S. at any time. California is beautiful baby. Texas has the music. Even Phoenix has the Rhythm Room. The culture in Tijuana/Rosarito and Ensenada my leave you dry, but they do have mariachis. Spanish is an easy language if you know any other Romance languages.

  10. A sad state of affairs but this scenario (Trump) is exactly what the Repubican party deserves (but not the nation unfortunately)

  11. Yes Tim, you are entirely correct.

    The republican party, as well as the zenophobic, bigoted conservatives deserve the defeat they are going to reap in November 2016.

    Those of us truly understand the meaning and value of liberty will NOT be voting republican in Nocvemer.

    Hope all is well Tim.


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