Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Roundup - Selected News Reports...

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Sunday roundup of news reports showing that politicians and the American political system is focused more on diversionary tactics than on issues of substance.

Hillary: ‘I Feel Sorry’ for the Young People Who Believe Sanders Camp’s Lies

An argument against the magical realism of the #neverTrump crowd

GOP Chairman Warns Of ‘Consequences’ for Trump Over Broken Loyalty Pledge

Woman Arrested for Selling ‘Donald Trump’-Branded Heroin

Boob-iful women are stripping down for Trump

Trump leaves the conservative establishment arrogant and unmoored

Ivana Trump on how she advises Donald — and those hands

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo and N.Y.’s Democratic soul

Trump calls on Kasich to drop out of GOP primary, says he voiced displeasure to RNC chair

Carson on Trump: 'Are there better people? Probably'

Maybe it is just me. I hope not.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Re Kasich dropping out: candidates who received more votes than him have. From the perspective of Trump and those who voted for him - he's clearly staying in because he thinks there may be a chance for him to steal the nomination.

  2. Yeah! Brokered convention. It may be the only thing that can save the GOP.

  3. I have no interest in saving the GOP. Bring on the Trump riots and the nomination (via brokering) of Ted Cruz?

  4. Of course you don't Dervish. The entire world (as small as it is :) ) knows that.

    This country MUST have a viable, rational, and common sense opposition party to the democrats. That is my desire and my purpose. Certainly not for Cruz, or even Kasich really. But Kasich is the best shot to help the arty rebuild along a more moderate and rational libertarian/conservative path.


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