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Today felt like a good day to visit a few ultra rightwing websites to see what extreme views were circulating following the terrorist attacks in Brussels. It didn't take long to come across a real doozy,

First stop, World Net Daily, also known as World Nut Daily by the more sane and reasonable folks of America. Considered a credible news source by almost no one outside of the most wildly extreme conservative circles we immediately hit pay dirt.

Many of you no doubt will remember congresswomen Michelle Bachmann, a conservative and very religious republican from Minnesota. She was rather looney back when she represented the good people of her district, but it seems time has not been kind to her intellectual acumen.

Mrs. Bachmann, in all her rightwing religious "wisdom", has chosen the terrorist attacks in Brussels this week to unleash an attack on President Obama as he visited Cuba, our heretofore estranged neighbor 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

Bachmann has reasoned that perhaps God is reminding folks about the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom. Wisdom we can only conclude is reflective of hers and that of the minority that reasons as she does. Of course there Bachmann also implies that Obama is somehow evil because, well, he thinks differently as well as rationally.

Or maybe our president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.

The president once again mocked his nemesis, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, by cleverly turning the international press corps toward his brilliant work in Cuba, instead of covering ongoing Islamic attacks against the Jewish state as outlined that very same day at the annual pro-Israel AIPAC meeting in Washington, D.C.

History changed less than 24 hours later in the blink of an eye, and the rug was pulled out from under his well-laid plans.

Obama’s slavish press corps was forced to turn their uncritical gaze from adoring him to revealing the newest carnage in Brussels.

Our eyes were spellbound.

Suicide vests worn by young Muslim men with a plan blew at the American Airlines counter, at the Starbucks and within four blocks of our American Embassy in the shadow of a neutered, ineffective NATO.

The irony is no longer ironic.

Bits and pieces of flesh and blood, some Americans, all innocents, were scattered – scattered to further the act of conquest by Islam against the continent once enlightened by the beliefs and values of Western Christendom.

Three men committed to a false God and a doctrine of demons chose death to advance Western civilization’s defeat.

This week, some 2,000 years ago, a Jewish Savior named Jesus willingly gave His life as a substitutionary sacrifice to pay for the sins of all humankind, to reconnect us with the God who made us.

This compare-and-contrast of competing worldviews was soberingly and glaringly revealed.

One religious worldview brought peace and life, another glorified death and the cult of suicide. {More Here}

Bachmann is living life in a bubble, a bubble created by rightwing evangelical extremists and bigots that would have us believe only the Christian and Jewish God is real and therefore legitimate. Bachmann, and those who think as she does, would have us believe all other God(s) those named differently) are evil and apparently deserve vanquishing by the sword.

Bachmann, as well as other rightwing demagogues and hate mongers, want you to believe all Muslims support the Islamic terrorist agenda and that they wish all westerners harm. This is irrational as well as far from the truth.

All rational people recognize that evil exists in this world. Evil exists because people exist. People with bigotry and prejudices. Michelle Bachmann and her prejudices and bigotry are evil. President Obama understands this and he is working to change the paradigms that perpetuate irrationality and evil. For this he should be applauded and thanked, not reviled.

Thank the 24/7 non stop conservative cable "news" cycle for the above as well as the GOP's right flank that decided in 2009 that it would spread BS and fabrications ad infinitum in the attempt to discredit everything President Obama tried to accomplish. Nothing else mattered and it still doesn't.



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