Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Response To Neo-Fascist Fear Mongering Bigot Donald T. Trump...

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Not being a religious individual finding religion to have fostered as much harm as good in civilization I find these sort of comparisons interesting in the least and sometimes informative.

Honesty and the willingness to consider the viewpoints of others, in secular life as well as in the religious beliefs of others is really the only way humans have of living together in harmony. However, history has shown, at least to me anyway, that regardless of effort humankind lacks the capacity to understand this. Fundamentalism in the extreme, whether Islam, Christian, or any other religious tenet is damaging in the least and dangerous at its worst.

Unfortunately today we are witnessing damaging incidents perpetrated by Christian fundamentalists and downright destructive terrorism perpetrated by adherents of extreme fundamentalist Islam. What I am most concerned with is not the threat of Islamic terrorism as the "might of the USA", combined with efforts from the rest of the "civilized" world, has the combined capacity to overcome and destroy the evils of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. What I fear is what fear is doing to the people of this nation, clouding their ability to recognize that to defeat ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other organizations will require working with Muslim nations whose people have suffered by far more destruction and loss of human life than we have at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Paint me what you will but unless the fearful folks of this nation begin to understand what President Obama and other leveler and cooler heads are saying we will indeed face a longer and more difficult struggle against radical Islamic terrorism. Because until we understand the struggle, and what actually created it, from a different perspective (change ur paradigm) we will continue to help ISIS recruiters fill there ranks.

And now to the Neo-Fascist:



How cool is this?!!?

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